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A source of information on operation of drones in Australia

The following is a heading list of information available on 12th September 2017.

  1.  Drone Inquiry by Australian Senate

2.  Source of applications for use on tablets, phones and computers

Shows Australian sub 2kg commercial drone flyers where they can and can’t fly their drone. Also a valuable awareness tool for all drone flyers.

Highlights controlled airports, helicopter landing areas, restricted airspace, danger areas, and includes the drone standard operating conditions.

Computer:           Direct online resource

Apple device:      Down load source on iTunes

Android device:  Download on Google Play

Unmanned flight sub 2kg:

Main restrictions to flight for drones outside Class A – D towers:

Commercial unmanned flight – remotely piloted aircraft under 2kg

#casa say:

Amendments to Part 101 commenced on 29 September 2016. CASA introduced reduced entry requirements for people wanting to fly a very small (100g < 2kg) remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) commercially.

  • Effective 29 September 2016, the new category of excluded RPA came into effect, with reduced regulatory requirements to fly very small RPAs commercially. Operations under 2kg (excluded) will not need an RPA operator’s certificate (ReOC), or a remote pilot licence (RePL).

Those operating in the excluded RPA category will have to notify CASA at least five business days before their first commercial flight and agree to operate by the standard operating conditions and the guidance in advisory circular (AC) 101-10.

This requires on current rules, an ARN [Aviation Reference Number], which for a new application takes at least 5-days.

Organisation Form 1162

Individual Form 1162

and then advise #casa on:

Application to operate commercially sub-2KG drones


Part 101 Drones:

This will be updated with time, but the best source of information is on the #casa web site.

The part 101 document controlling commercial operations [> 2KG drones]