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Dromader fleet grounded Why this long??

CASA today grounds the fleet, with another fatality.

The ATSB report, April 2011, which involves the regulator – CASA says:

Actions taken by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

CASA advised that it will ensure that the:

• SVA521 Engineering Order and aircraft flight manual (AFM) supplement are amended to add M18B standard elevators and vortex generators as required modifications
• applicant and their engineering organisation amends the SVA521 AFM supplement to include data covering all Restricted Category operations up to 6,600 kg (that is, from 4,200 kg to 6,600 kg). This will obviate the need for multiple AFM supplements and simplify the AFM overall, thus improving safety.

ATSB assessment of action by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The ATSB is satisfied that the proposed safety actions will, when implemented, adequately address the safety issues.

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