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Does the #casa Corporate plan meet the #asrr review?

Does the #casa Corporate plan meet the #asrr review?

The “Corporate Plan” that was released last week, by #casa, needs some careful and insightful review.

Viewed with the #casa demand of the industry for another $25m via the “fees poor-box”, in March 2015,  the Corporate Plan can only be viewed as another #casa attempt to bankrupt the aviation industry in #ozaviation.

In 2010, #casa managed to get Albanese to approve a hike in the avgas levy,  which had a time-line and an assumed 4-year cost of $89.9m. This was not rescinded in June 2014, which should have been brought to the attention of Minister Truss by Mrdak.

In March 2015, #casa are looking for more money.

Of course, Mrdak has a history, that goes to a series of poor decisions. He appears to have the ear of both Albanese and the current Minister [Truss], with unerring support of #atsb, #casa and #amsa through the Senate aviation hearings, which have exposed some serious issues and are “presided over” by Mrdak.

A good example is the 2013 hearings, which show the problems inherent and the depth to which Mrdak who often steps in when an “independent organisation” such as #casa is struggling in front of the on-going and relentless questioning of Senators Sterle, Xenophon, Heffernan, Nash, Fawcett and now Bullock.

All the senators now can see the depth of the aviation problems – the industry, as “represented” by #casa, #asa and #atsb  are just charged more and more.

With no proper assessment of key performance indicators [KPI’s] which are only set by #casa and when viewed individually have no way to be properly measured and hence met by #casa staff.

CASA seeks to hike fees as $25m loss looms

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