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Does regulation improve air safety?? Australia falls behind the world

 Does regulation improve air safety?? is a question that arises with the ructions that have been exposed in Australia in the past few years as the battle lines have been drawn by a relcalcitrant regulator – CASA.

The recent lengthy expose by Alianz, in company with the Embry-Riddle University in the US [Embry-Riddle concentrates on aviation matters] in 2014. The  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Global Aviation Safety Study goes to changes in safety outcomes over 60 years.

The results will not please the Australian  regulator, CASA at all, with the effects of changes in legislation and regulation making up a quarter [24%] of the “risk factors”,  with “market forces” being 100% [4 times more important than risk of legislation and regulation].


safety G

Note: Respondents selects more than one risk as equally important


The interesting area of course is the role that technology, navigation systems airframes aengine improvement has evolved air safety. This of course is en-compassed in the current data when compared with that of the 1950’s and movement to the current generation of aircraft. safety A

The following graph demonstrates this in a very graphical form.

safety B

However, the following is most disturbing, which compares how Australia compares to the rest of the world. It follows on the FAA/ ICAO audit in 2008/2009.

CASA have just ignored the relevance of this, posting over 2600 “differences” to the ICAO audit. This is the area that needs the attention, as CASA are distinct non-performers compared to other parts of the world.

safety CThe way forward is proper training, reduction of red-tape and implementation of the ASRR recommendations as a start. The direction to the proper management of risk is the most important.

The Senate hearings in 2011 adressed some of these issues and are a good read: http://vocasupport.com/senate-inquiries/2011-hearings/

safety Dsafety E

No mention of “…more regulation…” though.

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