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Do CASA and ATSB get it right??

A review of a large number of coroner, atsb and concurrent casa reports do not lead us to the view the CASA and ATSB do not “get it right”.

The summary of the AD’s and SB’s [Service Bulletins] by Lycoming make for an interesting read, with the problem still with us.

The latest Australian AD, which is still current is:

AD TIO540 Crankshafts – 2012-19-01

and the following are the historical AD’s, with no AD published by CASA post the Whyalla accident [2000] and 2002

AD TIO540 – LYC-107

AD TIO540 – LYC-107-2

AD TIO540 – LYC-108

AD TIO540 – LYC-112

AD TIO540 – LYC-117

The Whyalla accident certainly points to a number of very experienced people calling into doubt the findings of the ATSB.

Consequently, CASA canceling the AOC of Whyalla Airlines is brought into serious doubt.

Is this “old news”??

Yes it is, but the question is has CASA learnt from this by just “grounding” the alleged offender, immediately, no longer with a business or a means of earning an income.

Look at the current Barrier Air incident in Cairns, Hardy Aviation in Darwin, yet PelAir is allowed to continue.

And there is still no proper response by CASA or ATSB specifically to the Senate inquiry, except buried in the individual annual reports released during the last week of October 2013, with CASA on 31st October 2013 – the last possible date and never promulgated – “tweeted” or on CASA’s “Latest News”.

Annual Reports:

CASA 2013 Annual Report

ATSB 2013 Annual Report


A cynic would say that CASA don’t want the scrutiny!!.

The real question is “What has CASA got against us??”

Can we improve the outcomes for the Industry??

Yes we can, but the industry needs to “stick together”.

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