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Cost of Operation:

Everyone in the aviation industry is looking to trim costs, yet CASA keeps on adding to them.

I saw this recently in response to the following pprune post:


Dear Industry participantCASA has undertaken a periodic review of its cost recovery arrangements in accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines, July 2005. The review is now available for public comment and CASA would like to extend to you an invitation to read and provide us with feedback on the Cost Recovery Impact Statement – Periodic Review at the link below:

Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Fees

There are no new fees or increases to existing fees. Further clarification on when regulatory services will attract $190/hourly rate is provided.

All comments can be directed to costrecovery@casa.gov.au.

Closing date for comments is Friday 30 August 2013.

Craig Jordan
Chief Financial Officer

Be nice if any of us could earn $ 190/hour.

No wonder casa gets the regs wrong – CAO 100.5 live on !!!

How about some directed comments peoples!!


So $190.00 p/h is the average cost recovery needed to fund CASA

CASA costs $173m pa to run

After public holidays there are 249 working days per year.

CASA employs 808 people.

Therefore the average cost per person – including everything including the pot plants – is $107.48.

How is the remaining $82.52 justified?

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