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Connections of senior public servants and their masters

Connections of senior public servants and their masters

I pose the following for thought:

  • Martin Dolan got job at ATSB, despite having no more experience with aviation than “managing” the sale/ leasing of the secondary airports [Moorabbin, Bankstown, Camden, Archerfield, Jandakot];
  • Dolan undertook the work at the old Department of Transport [now Infrastructure under Mike Mrdak] being responsible to Alan Hawkes;
  • Hawkes becomes the Chair of CASA and ACTEW;
  • Of course, McCormick [CEO – CASA], had come from Cathay Pacific [in a similar fashion to other CASA CEO’s], tainted by the #49ers affair when he was Chief Pilot Boeing in that organisation;
  • McCormick fails to gain job at ICAO, despite being announced as nominated at an obscure aviation conference in Singapore, late in 2014;
  • The 2008 ICAO/ FAA Audit of Australian aviation reveals over 2000 non-compliances;
  • CASA lodge over 2000 “exceptions” to ICAO, saying that what we are doing is OK;
  • Most in the general Aviation sector become disenchanted with the “bully boy” tactics of CASA and their failure to compromise or reverse seriously incorrect decisions;
  • The Acacia Ridge meeting in late 2012 shows the degree of “stand-over” tactics by McCormick and CASA over the industry;
  • Two 737 jets end up landing in the fog at Mildura, with limited fuel remaining;
  • There is a two-jet near miss over the Great Australian Bight;
  • ATSB do not chastise CASA for obvious safety failings;
  • The #pelair report fails to show up on the #ICAO log of accidents, despite being sent to Montreal;
  • Serious non-compliances by CASA are revealed in repcon reports;
  • CASA avoids safety compliance notices promulgated by ATSB, having them downgraded;
  • Macquarie Bank [as “owner” of Bankstown airport] tries to sell it off to non-aviation interests;
  • Serious rumour of political interference and failure to pay stamp duty to NSW Treasury;
  • FOI process is corrupted by CASA;
  • FOI officer reports directly to CASA Head of Legal;
  • ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] compromised internally by actions of the CEO and leaves job;
  • Replacement ICC comes from CASA legal section;
  • Previous ICC resigns over inability to properly deal with and rectify issues;
  • Subpoenas fail to be correctly filled;
  • Accused pilots and others cannot properly defend themselves against criminal allegations;
  • False statements [raised by CASA] are used against individuals;
  • The only North-South airstrip is removed at Bankstown, despite industry objections and Sydney loses this without a proper safety case being raised by the regulator;
  • Archerfield run-off area and TKOFF + STOP lengths compromised;
  • Contaminated fill placed on Georges River flood plain without proper approvals;
  • Improper use approval process at Bankstown;
  • Support letter by CASA employee for a proposal for PJOPS at Goulburn [employee “let-go” at later time];
  • CASA employee Director of associated Company and second director who made the PJOPS application;
  • Use of a CASA preferred Barrister as “Counsel Assisting” Lockhart River Coroners Inquiry – Ian Harvey;
  • Hiding of the Chambers report into Lockhart River by CASA;
  • CASA refuse or slow down due process to the extend that it can take years to get answers or proper outcomes;
  • Processes are slowed down which disadvantages holders of medical certificates;
  • CASA FAIL to insist on safety cases in major changes made to the Air Services system [Adelaide];
  • AirServices fail to make a safety case before an ASA Board decision to move the Adelaide approach controllers;
  • CASA fail to end the #89.9m sop from the individual user and by December 2014 had received over $50m more than that allocated in fuel levies in the original #89.9m;
  • CASA take more than 20 years and $250m to undertake a regulatory review that gives an extremely poor regulatory suite and:
  • The review is no where near complete and:
  • Does not work properly eg. Part 61, 100.5


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