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ColmarBrunton Report part 2

Reading through the #colmarbrunton report shows the degree to which #casa has no commitment to a “…better way..”. The better way, does not include any new options as the attached table from the report shows. See below.

The key to the #casa approach is “…Industry to comply with regulations and aspire to safety best practice…”

There is no KPI [Key Performance Indicator] or time line for “compliance”. To deal with this “requirement”, if it could be complied with, #casa is to “…improve regulation…”.

Further, the failure in this Table to refer to the #ASRR, gives little or no confidence in proper response by the regulator to David Forsyth’s well nduced review, now over 2 1/2 years ago.

As we all know, this is not working and the industry is in agreeance that there must be a complete stop by #casa in it’s current methodology.

The call for the US-FAR’s immediately must be heeded, together with the selection of a CEO who can get the job done and unlike #Skidmore, get the trust of the entire #aviation industry.

A recent straw poll of the RPT [Big End of TOWN], reveals a similar lack of trust in #casa, driven by #avmed and part 61 issues and failure of #casa to meet timelines across all requirements of RPT, as that seen in GA

In the case of #avmed, it is reported that 100’s of Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and Tiger pilots are in limbo due to perceived problems by the #avmed section.

The loss of CEO Skidmore and the replacement with a “re-worked” Carmody does not bode well, either short or long term.

The questions that are left un-answered by #skidmore and the rapid departure after only 20-months in the CEO chair more than leaves questions to be asked and Minister Chester must answer them.

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