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Judicial Inquiry into CA$A called for by LNP Queensland Conference

On the floor of the 2017 LNP [Liberal National Party] Queensland on Sunday 16th July 2016, the following motion was placed and carried “……on the show of hands….”.

That this Convention of the LNP:

Calls upon the Federal Coalition to review recent air crash incidents and other matters, particularly in rural areas, with a view […]

Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Tonight Shane Urquhart spoke to ABC-612 Brisbane tonight. He has allowed us to post this voice record of the interview on Evenings with David Curnow 7:00pm

This is a very moving summary surrounding the Lockhart River crash.

Double click on the link below to […]

Coroners Inquiries, Harvey, CASA + ATSB

Harvey, Coroners Inquiries + ATSB [Document as shown below – includes further data]

The following gives a list of Coroners Inquiries and the original data, with a followup of those involved:

Coroners Inquiries 1. Toowoomba: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/86711/cif-duckett-ab-johnson-bw-hughes-aj-thompson-ka-20070809.pdf 2. WillowBank: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/86726/cif-willowbank-aircrash-20081124.pdf 3. Mareeba Microlight: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/86786/cif-scholl-ph-20090127.pdf 4. Hamilton Island Fuel selector: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/86640/cif-hamilton-isl-bowles-m-j-s-k-morris-a-legallo-ca-20060907.pdf 5. Lockhart River: http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/86682/cif-lockhart-river-aircrash-20070817.pdf 6. Gunpowder […]

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator in Australia

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator?? in Australia.

The current review by David Forsyth [ASRR] certainly does not support this view and raises 37 recommendations as to how [and why] things should be fixed.

This is a long term direction for aviation.

The interference being run directly by the Department […]

Cairns to Canberra group find new evidence on Lockhart River

During their trip, the Cairns to Canberra group found new evidence on Lockhart River disaster. This is an important step forward in working out what really happened in the time leading up to the crash and whether material was not available to the Coroner and subsequent Senate hearing.

This presence of new evidence was revealed […]

Critical CASA proposal on Fuel and Alternate requirements

A critical project such as this only has a four week consultative period from 14th August 2014 to 12 September 2014.

This is such that industry gets inadequate comment time.

Another part 61 debacle?? or just a fluff to the Senate??


Project OS 09/13 – Fuel and Alternate requirements Issue

Civil Aviation Regulation 1988 […]

Mr. Truss – Jobs to be done this week in aviation

We saw the release of the ASRR report last week, which has a substantial “read” to it, and 37 recommendations.

To take you back to your talk to ‘SafeSkies’ last October, which was reported by Steve Creedy in The Australian and what Minister Truss said.

Top marks for:

The ETA for the review was met […]

An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements ASRR report due soon

An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements and maybe reminds us of the ATSB reports and the errors exposed by “interested parties” in getting the actual answers.

Unfortunately there are too many since Whyalla, where ATSB has some serious answers to give:

Whyalla Lockhart River Benalla Canley Vale Norfolk Island

for a […]

Lockhart River May 7, 2005….9 years ago – Minister Truss – remember

The following was published on pprune today:

29th Apr 2014, 20:35 #1 (permalink) Paragraph377 Join Date: Oct 2013 Location: New Zealand Age: 61 Posts: 215 Lockhart River May 7, 2005….9 years ago The ninth anniversary of the Transair crash at Lockhart River at 11:44 am, May 7 2005, is almost upon us. Now is a […]