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Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake

Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake.

Here are the resolutions arising from the #aviation meeting in Wagga over the past two days [see below].

There has been some well thought out ideas here, which can be boiled down into:

Review of the Civil Aviation Act, to include as a minimum, a repeal of […]

Wagga meeting today

I have been listening since 10am this morning to the experienced aviators in Wagga today.

Hopefully this will not be the result from the meeting!!.

I am the eternal optimist!

The programme is extensive displaying the depth of experience.

The drive by the AOPA Board to this end, started by the Dick Smith Oration […]

Judicial Inquiry into CA$A called for by LNP Queensland Conference

On the floor of the 2017 LNP [Liberal National Party] Queensland on Sunday 16th July 2016, the following motion was placed and carried “……on the show of hands….”.

That this Convention of the LNP:

Calls upon the Federal Coalition to review recent air crash incidents and other matters, particularly in rural areas, with a view […]

#pelAir stink pervades #aviation in #OZ with FOI refusal by Minister Chester

I have to hand a refusal of a Freedom of Information request [FOI] by Minister Chester’s Department of Infrastructure.

This requests the costings of the:

Initial #atsb report; #casa report, not released to the #atsb; Senate Inquiry; Subsequent #asrr report by David Forsyth; Canadian ATSB report; Implementation cost by #casa; Implementation cost by #atsb

The […]

Safety case for AirServices [#ASA] removal of NDB’s missing

Safety case for AirServices [#ASA] removal of NDB’s missing

Air Services, after the recent drubbing in the October 2014 Senate estimates, where a Board decision on removal of the Approach facility at Adelaide airport was made before a safety case was undertaken, demonstrates how out of touch ASA is with the aviation community.

There is […]

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

On 14th June 2015, ATSB let a RFT [Request for Tender], which has a return date of 7th July 2015. The work has to be completed between August 2015 and the end of 2015.

This finally sees the recovery of the CVR and FDA […]

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Bernie Currall died on Friday 27th February 2015, just as a new investigation into the PelAir debacle has been restarted.

The process, which has been sought by those on the ill-fated flight from Samoa to Melbourne in a long wished result of the 2012 Senate Inquiry and […]

PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

The PelAir matter is not yet complete, with the CASA, ATSB and PelAir with a major coverup continuing, much to the disappointment of the Senators. There are a whole range of issues to be answered, with a seriously disappointed and it would appear, angry […]

Questions arise about REX and politics

Questions arise about REX and politics

The Anthony Klan article certainly is an expose on the matter of apparent interference with the political process in Australia. This type of behaviour may explain why CASA is so keen to work on being an “Un-model Litigant”.

Is there some connections in this as regards to the:

Aero-medical […]

ASRR submission breakup – Why the large number of confidential submissions??

A look at the submissions to the ASRR, show that a large number of people [over 31% one in three] did not want their material made public.

One can very confidently assume that these people are concerned about retribution by the regulator. This was a feature of the Senate AAI review as well, where this […]

Regional aviation – ATR report by ATSB released

The following article appeared in the Border Morning Mail this morning and it would be interesting to see the relationship of the initial turbulence penetration” in this and what really happened:


Damaged plane flew 13 times By ANTHONY BUNN

June 13, 2014, 1:30 p.m.

The Virgin plane which is being investigated […]

Questions for Minister Truss on 30th April 2014

Mr. Truss is to address the National Press Club on 30th April 2014:

The Hon Warren Truss MP

Deputy Prime Minister April 30, 2014 Arrive from 11.30am, lunch 12 noon, speaker 12.30 concludes 1.30pm

‘Address to the National Press Club’

Book Now For This Event

The Hon. Warren Truss MP is Deputy […]

Government response to PelAir Senate report March 2014

The following released today through the Departmental site:


Download Here: Report from the APH site on PelAir

Summary of Responses:


Is the ASRR “Air Turbulence” on the way or did it exist before??

The following is a 1997 article, which is as follows and I have brought up to date the data from it for 2013:


The article:

Air Turbulence – The Dogfight Over Safety In Australia

The Age

Wednesday November 27, 1996


WILL ROBERT’S next career move be in aviation […]

NSW Standing Commitee Inquiry into Aviation services in NSW

This has just been released with submissions requested:


Inquiry into regional aviation services:

That the Standing Committee on State Development inquire into and report on the provision of aerial regular passenger transport (RPT) services to regional centres in New South Wales,

and in particular:

1. Cost of […]