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Senate Additional Estimates – 27th February 2018 #casa fail to meet time limit

The start of 2018, with the Senate Additional Estimates due on the 27th February 2018 is upon us.

#casa is not off to a flying start, with outstanding answers due from the last Senate estimates, some 3-months ago.

Is this another “finger-up” exercise??

Where is the #casa Board on this, as it appears to […]

Another #casa fail – FOI’s [freedom of information] requests not met by #casa

The following are a series of FOI requests made to #casa recently. The basis of the #casa response is refusal for a FOI. This is traced to the #casa legal branch and either Adam Anastasi or Jonathon Aleck involved.

The FOI disclosure log has been interfered with to the point where FOI’s, legitimately made and […]

Fairfax cartoonist dies – Tandberg’s last battle was with cancer

A great cartoonist has left this mortal coil. Like Bill Leak, Tandberg had a great take on life.

Safe Skies are Empty Skies – Can Barnaby Joyce fix this?

The #casa mantra “Safe Sky’s far All” is now “Safe Skies are Empty Skies”

Question is: Can Barnaby Joyce fix this?

This morning in The Australian, Dick Smith and a slew of journalists have this matter firmly in it’s sight. The articles, as these are of such importance they are produced in full below.

Anthony […]

#casa imposed regulations stifle #aviation in Australia

#casa imposed regulations stifle #aviation in Australia is true, from meetings I have had over a period of time with training organisations.

There is serious condemnation of parts 141 and 142, which follows from the debacle of part 61.

Problems raised include:

Slowness to process applications; Excessive costs; Intractable staff in the regulator; Intelligible “rules”; […]

No progress Mr. Chester at since 1999 at what cost??

I have been doing some historical research on some documents lent to me by an #aviation participant.

These are a bit of history, but demonstrate why Australian #aviation is in crisis.

Just yesterday, the helicopter industry refused to be further bullied by #casa.

Admin · 14 hrs

As of today i am told from a […]

MrDak abandons #aviation industry

MrDak abandons #aviation industry and there were a few whimpers going on:

Judicial Inquiry for #casa becomes LNP Queensland policy

MrDak blasts away in the press – maybe in light of the press statement by the Minister below there is a reason for the vitriol

History shows the way – with previous Minister Truss failures


#casa loses 17, 371 pilots – The 2015 #casa annual report just does not add up!!

I have tracked #casa’s annual report for a several years [table collated below], particularly since when flying you notice less and less radio calls or [except for Virgin, QANTAS and Jetstar], less aircraft in the air.

In the published data, #casa show a major discrepancy in the numbers. Here we see, looking at 2011, a […]


Here is a puzzle for solution:

A series of posts on#pprune by poster “Man-the-Lifejackets”.

These are made by someone close to the matter and of course, the life-jackets were never sought by #atsb in the initial investigation by #atsb.

Lot’s of doubts about how #atsb investigated the #pelair ditching, the blame apportioned, the Chambers report […]

MetaData access by #casa – Why does #casa need to spy??

This is “…casa here – we want to help you….”

#casa [see below] has been given authority by the Attorney General to use metadata.

For us, poor old computer non-geeks, metadata is:

Telephone numbers The time and length of phone calls The internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) of computers from which messages are received or […]

#casa ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] appointed

That there has been trouble in the #casa camp has been long known, not aided by the rumours of an inappropriate relationship between the previous #casa CEO and the incumbent ICC at the time, Elizabeth Hampton. These relationships explain to a large degree why complaints “died” when made to #casa.

There are many examples, where […]

Skidmore missive – September 2015 #casa

Skidmore missive – September 2015 #casa

Again, #casa does not get the real problems facing #ozaviation. A simple way forward is clearly shown in the #asrr terms and an ability by an individual to properly defend any alleged infraction according to a Court of law.

#casa now gives an alleged “10-philosophy list”


September […]

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application – regulatory philosophy??

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application

Sunfish calls well for clear changes Mr. Skidmore, not soon, but now and before more damage to #ozaviation.

The recent “10-point statement of regulatory philosophy” as reproduced below, can only be called an absolute rubbish. It is compromised of a series of half-truths and mis-representations.


Is aviation dangerous??

In a recent post, there is a ranking that #casa should remember. It is a post on 28 March, 2015 · by Richard de Crespigny · in Cabin Crew, Leadership, News, QF32 Story, Security, Training.

Produced here with thanks and a serious reminder as to how safe air travel is compared to other activities.

Unfortunately […]

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

That Marc is asking who is making these regulations, is interesting, as is questioning the proper qualifications.

Read Marc’s letter to #casa here.

This is an issue that I have long had with #casa, where people are given a job on “casa requirements”, and not proper aviation qualifications.

There […]

Performance of #asa – Senate questions Angus Houston

The review by the Australian senate resumed, with Angus Houston being grilled by the Senators on 9th September 2015. [see below]. The previous hearing on 18th August 2015 raised some serious issues for #asa.


The original 18th September 2015 [Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_08_18_3712] Hansard.

Submissions to the 18th August 2015 […]

Who is Phillipa Stone? New #casa Board appointment

Who is Phillipa Stone? New #casa Board appointment

Question is:

How does she stand on the #asrr review? Is she aware of #casa’s breach of Model Litigant provisions?


The clear problems within #casa that have been exposed in dealings such as:

Quadrio [Details here]; Rudd [FOI Requests]; Reppacholi; Barrier Aviation; Actions of #casa legal […]

Is #casa trying to improve or defuse the #asrr??

Is #casa trying to improve or defuse the #asrr??

#casa is calling for an extension of the Mildura “talkfest”, of which there was no agenda handed out, nor notes distributed to attendees.


Archerfield QLD Oct 28 2015 6.00-7.30pm Royal Queensland Aero Club

Qantas Avenue

Archerfield Register now Cairns QLD Oct 29 2015 12.30-2.00pm Cairns […]

Bankstown airport for sale??

Bankstown airport for sale?? September 2015

There are some problems with this, not withstanding the issue of the use for aviation.

Airports in Australia; Airports Bankstown- It’s “future” – Aviation must prevail; History of Bankstown and objections to lease/ sale Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position?? Cost of CASA moving from Bankstown […]

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

The letter written to #casa by #aopa queried the real cost of the RIS [Regulatory Impact statement], which Marc de Stoop has real information, wheras #casa “…believes….”.

AOPA Australia has been silent on a range of issues in #ozaviation, but with Marc de Stoop, is starting […]

Cairns, to Canberra anti-corruption caravan

It is 12-months since the caravan passage to Canberra and issues are still arising from the trip. One, which is to be deplored, was the debasement of free speech which occurred on #pprune and resulted in thread bans, vicious and un-warranted criticism by a regular ppruner – Horatio Hornblower. He removed a vindictive post, but […]

Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

On Friday 4th September, Jeff Boyd presented a “warts and all” way forward to FNQ aviation interests in Cairns QLD. This was an interesting insight into the #casa Board’s future for aviation.

Mr. Boyd was one of a number of speakers supporting a seminar sponsored by […]

casa and the National Audit Office – Safety Compliance???

Question is, has #casa met this, particularly the relationship to the FAA/ ICAO audit in 2008 and now the 2013 ASRR audit.

That is the big question and the #casa corporate plan and it’s KPI’s, which do not have a metric to give them credibility and usefulness when measured against the #asrr recommendations.


4th […]

casa and the Show Cause Notice

#casa and the Show Cause Notice The following is a public discussion from #pprune, which has been “shut-down” by the #pprune moderators. But I am sure this issues needs airing, particularly at this time when internal pressures on staff are likely to result in FOI’s or AWI’s turning rogue on pilots and maintenance personnel. I […]

Reminder from May 2012 of #casa misfeasance and the senate

Reminder from May 2012 of #casa misfeasance and the senate

This post [recovered from #pprune and the answer should be remembered the next time that Skidmore fronts the Senate and answers the wash-up from the #atsb inquiry and McCormick’s answer below.

Will Skidmore be honest??


25th May 2012, 13:33 #1 (permalink) Join Date: May […]

#casa and the FOI [Freedom of Information] process

#casa and the FOI [Freedom of Information] process

I picked this up from #pprune, which is a reminder of the FOI process and the traps set for us, which result in no FOI being “granted”.

Certainly not a transparent process.


5th Jun 2012, 13:51 #1 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than […]

#casa moves to push recreation aviation out of operation

#casa moves to push recreation aviation out of operation

The following is published by Australian Flying and implicates #casa in further problems for aviation, now that damage to GA in Australia reaches terminal proportions.

That #casa is unable to properly press a pro-active stance on aviation at all – #casa corporate plan, spells disaster for […]

KPI – Key Performance Indicators #ozaviation

KPI – Key Performance Indicators and reality:



Corporate Plan #casa – Does this meet #ozaviation requirements??

Corporate Plan #casa – Does this meet #ozaviation requirements??

#casa in releasing it’s corporate plan shows that it is prepared to play politics with #ozaviation. The KPI’s are listed below and demonstrate that #casa is prepared to do anything to achieve it’s own ends, rather than a balanced place with the aviation industry.

Key performance […]

Discussion on aviation law – #casa involved??

This would be interested to be a fly on the wall in this one, particularly with attention on issues such as poor regulation – #asrr findings or CAR 232.

Aviation participants are not criminals, despite the ‘summary justice” meted out by #casa in it’s strict liability offences.


The Aviation Law Association of Australia and […]