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Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake

Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake.

Here are the resolutions arising from the #aviation meeting in Wagga over the past two days [see below].

There has been some well thought out ideas here, which can be boiled down into:

Review of the Civil Aviation Act, to include as a minimum, a repeal of […]

What is #casa’s involvement in the Goulburn Airport and the Parachute operation??

A sad accident occurred at Goulburn last Saturday [21st November 2015], which has been a concern of a number of people since the original approval in late 2010.

The following is from paperwork received by this reporter. It shows an attempt to properly involve the regulator [#casa] in how a Council approval occurred in very […]

Sad death at Goulburn – parachute operation

It is always sad when a death occurs – at Goulburn – parachute operation, reported in the Daily Telegraph attached below.

It does not report a number of “off-target” excursions while landing, the jumping through cloud, the near misses with aircraft over time. The most recent one which was reported to this reporter, as a […]