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Alan Jones and Dick Smith on Flying Training

Alan Jones talks to Dick Smith about flying training today [30th May 2018]

Dick Smith Oration

LNP policy support for immediate changes to Civil Aviation Act and review and change the regulations.

In July 2015, Dick Smith made earlier comments on the #casa malaise

How do I see this in 2018??

We now have […]

Another #casa fail – FOI’s [freedom of information] requests not met by #casa

The following are a series of FOI requests made to #casa recently. The basis of the #casa response is refusal for a FOI. This is traced to the #casa legal branch and either Adam Anastasi or Jonathon Aleck involved.

The FOI disclosure log has been interfered with to the point where FOI’s, legitimately made and […]

Carmody called out in failing to understand Aviation.

The latest Australian Flying has a Letter-to-the-Editor which calls into doubt the way Shane Carmody is “…doing business…” It seems that “….nothing to see here…” reigns supreme and he still does not “get aviation”.


Questions being asked Shane Carmody


The Editor, Australian Flying,

Dear Sir,

I have this month’s copy […]

#pelAir stink pervades #aviation in #OZ with FOI refusal by Minister Chester

I have to hand a refusal of a Freedom of Information request [FOI] by Minister Chester’s Department of Infrastructure.

This requests the costings of the:

Initial #atsb report; #casa report, not released to the #atsb; Senate Inquiry; Subsequent #asrr report by David Forsyth; Canadian ATSB report; Implementation cost by #casa; Implementation cost by #atsb

The […]

Senate #estimates May 2017

Senate estimates are on for a full week, with more time given to #casa, #atsb to get to the bottom of the question bucket.

#pelair should be well aired and Hood of #atsb questioned.

#casa should be asked questions of the missing $89.9m

The wastage of money, identified by the 2017 budget, where #casa have […]

12-years on from Lockhart River

We must never lose sight of the matters surrounding Lockhart River.

A complacent and defective regulator – #casa; A poor and incompetent investigator – #atsb; Uncovered facts from the crash; Refusal by the regulator to provide information in a fair and unfettered manner; An aircraft [VH-TFU] that was not suitable to be used as a […]

#MH370 theories and the future January 2016

A couple of excellent stories in today’s Australian. These are complemented by other aspects of the affair of #mh370. The Christine Negroni story has some relevance in this, but should be evidenced by the @MikeChillit research.

The early evidence bears a good re-look as well.

The importance of insurance in this and previous accident, […]

#mh370 and #pelair insurance issues surface

The #pelair and #mh370 insurance have some similarities, as with the earlier Lockhart River where slow or devious payments occur with operators [and insurers] trying to limit liability.

Karen Casey has been appealed in the supreme court in NSW during November 2016.

No outcome until February 2017 [8 1/4 years later].

The #mh370 issue […]

2016 review in brief – Abysmal #casa, #atsb, #asa performance

2016 saw a large number of changes in #aviation, but little to give hope for the future where we can #saveGA.

Some of the #aviation highlights/ lowlights are below, which lead to a very low score for the 2016 year.

Over 480 #aviation people turn up to protest issues to DPM Joyce and Minister Chester […]

MH370 – Christine Negroni reports today

Flight #MH370 is still an enigma, with many theories rushing about where the aircraft may in fact be. There are many unexplained happenings, such as the ACARS turning off then re-appearing some hour later.


In today’s Australian, Christine Negroni explores an alternate thesis, which fits a reasonable and plausible synopsis.

The families of #MH370 […]

Canary in the Aviation Industry [Coal mine]

Have been on a short destiny with the FLU fairies of recent weeks!

Sunbird Seeker:

BUT given that found that the Seabird Seeker has achieved FAA Part 23 Normal Category Certified, Available for Commercial Operations.

The sad part is manufacture will be by Erickson Aircrane in the US, not at Harvey Bay. The new owners […]

Senate Estimates – 5th May 2016 Heffernan’s last Post

The following are a collation of the 5th May Senate estimates with Nick Xenophon, Bill Heffernan, Glen Sterle and the Senate team on aviation.

Bill’s farewell speech in the Senate:


#MH370 and #atsb:


#m370 update [Peter Foley] and Senator Heffernan’s last Estimates:


#MH370 and the current situation

There have been many theories as to how the aircraft came to be where it was and why there has been serious secrecy surrounding the event.

The Australian has published a series of articles which shed some light on the matter.

The stories certainly show the #atsb in a poor light as an investigator, particularly […]

Is aviation dangerous??

In a recent post, there is a ranking that #casa should remember. It is a post on 28 March, 2015 · by Richard de Crespigny · in Cabin Crew, Leadership, News, QF32 Story, Security, Training.

Produced here with thanks and a serious reminder as to how safe air travel is compared to other activities.

Unfortunately […]

Warren Truss on #MH370

Warren Truss on #MH370

Transcript of Interview—Today Show

Interview WTC020/2015 30 July 2015

Topic: Wreckage on La Reunion Island

Lisa Wilkinson: …Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have desperately hoped for news, and for a miracle. But today it appears their wait is over. Investigators are almost certain the wreckage discovered on an Indian Ocean […]

“Nothing to see here” – #asa, #atsb, #icao

“Nothing to see here” – #asa

That #asa would take the view that a failure of the radar and say that the reversion to “voice seperation” is astounding. Remember #MH370, where the only remaining reliable remaining data is that provided by radar.

This demonstrates that #asa has no idea about how to properly use the […]

#MH370 flaperon identified

#MH370 flaperon identified

The flaperon discovery and the CSIRO modelling make for interesting reading, with the summary reproduced below and the Sky news report.

Of course, we still await #atsb to raise the CVR and data recorder from #pelair Norfolk Is ditching Westwind [six years later] – and #atsb was detailed to find #MH370.



Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

With help from the PAIN Group, posted here to the YouTube link is the broken up complete look at the 24th February 2015 estimates.

Worth a read and watch of the obvious body language of the participants.

The full link to other Senate […]

MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

There has been huge interest in the fate of MH370, of which I am most interested in the ATSB actions.

The questions being:

Are the actions of ATSB reactive and Does the ATSB have the “…head power…” to research, co-ordinate and Can the ATSB effect finding MH370?

In my readings […]

Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts

Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts Published: 28th December 2014

The Senate AAI hearings, operating under the RRAT Committee, with the following who are members [see below], include Senators Glenn Sterle, Bill Heffernan, Nick Xenophon, Fiona Nash.

The current interest, in people who […]

PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB of the badly investigated accident

PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB, of the badly investigated accident, following:

Senate Inquiry – Starts October 2014, finishes February 2013

[Government Response to the PelAir Senate Inquiry [March 20th 2014]

Also See: PelAir Senate Inquiry

Senate Motion – Contempt – July 2014 [Senator Xenophon puts “Contempt of parliament” for consideration]

Canadian Review of […]

MH370 setback in search

The following was published today regarding the MH370 setback in search in the Australian.


Technical setback in MH370 search AAP December 17, 2014 10:59PM

A technical issue could set back the planned finish date for work in the main search zone for MH370. Source: AAP

A TECHNICAL problem could set back […]

Can MH370 be found? What of the ATSB and CASA involvement?

Is ATSB the correct organisation to find and lead the search?

Certainly the SAR [Search and Rescue] is the responsibility of the ATSB thorough the enabling legislation. However, to look at the record of ATSB in recent times, gives another impression, with the ATSB refusing / or unwilling to lift the CVD in the relatively […]

Truss announces MH370 survey deep water contractor – Fugro

Warren Truss announced this morning [6th August 2014] Fugro Survey was nominated, together with the Chinese and Malaysian Navy being also involved. These organisations have mapped the sea floor, which will be used in the towed sonar search. [Previous statement]

Contract is to search for and to map a located debris field.

Fugro are using […]

MH370 + Christine Negroni – The Australian Connection

The latest post by Christine Negroni has just come out:


Flying Lessons Will Knowing Where MH 370 Ran out of Fuel Help Searchers Find It?Posted: 24 Jun 2014 10:58 PM PDT

Writing from Canberra — How many times can investigators slice and dice the electronic back and forth between the missing Malaysia Flight 370 […]

MH370 – latest presumed data for flight

A new blog on MH370 by well known investiagative journalist, Christine Negroni, bears a read:

mh-370-first-virtual crash


The map below is from a variety of sources of latest information via pprune.org


Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: New data prompts MH370 hunt to revisit previously searched area

Updated Fri 20 Jun 2014, 11:15am […]

MH370 – The legal side

A browse of a European writing on MH370, reveals the following article, at page 37 in Strategic Risk magazine by the following authors:

The disappeared Hill Dickinson LLP Joanna Kolatsis and Saleema Brohi Global June 10 2014 Author page » Author page »

The loss of Flight MH370 raises the question of the legal and […]

MH370 – What others are saying

Christine Negroni has been interested in Australian aviation for a period of time, writing an insightful article about PelAir in February 2013.

As we know this Senate inquiry has morphed into the ASRR, which has not held back in it’s censure of both the CASA and ATSB, with some serious and deep seated changes required […]

MH370 – Latest press release by ATSB

The following on MH370:


29th May 2014, 15:09 #10940 (permalink) 500N Join Date: Jan 2008 Location: South of where I’d like to be ! Age: 49 Posts: 3,721 Just releasedMedia Release 29 May 2014—pm Yesterday afternoon, Bluefin-21 completed its last mission searching the remaining areas in the vicinity of the acoustic signals detected in […]

MH370 Debris found?? south of Perth on beach

Is this at last the smoking gun?

Still to be confirmed and material in hands of police.