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ColmarBrunton Report part 2

Reading through the #colmarbrunton report shows the degree to which #casa has no commitment to a “…better way..”. The better way, does not include any new options as the attached table from the report shows. See below.

The key to the #casa approach is “…Industry to comply with regulations and aspire to safety best […]

Audit Office report into ASA #Airservices proves misfeasance in #onesky

Audit Office report into ASA #Airservices proves misfeasance, due to the #OneSky purchasing and assessment procedure.

This misfeasance should be placed squarely at the feet of Michael MrDak, Head of Department for failing to institute proper procedures to ensure his satellite organisations:

CASA; AirSerices; ATSB; etc were compliant with proper procedures.

Mrdak should resign now, […]

Avgas, $89.9m and CASA – Impropietry/ illegality/confidence in the Department?

Arguments on Avgas levy in pprune – the levy still exists, although is was directed to finish on 30th June 2013 by Treasurer Wayne Swan.

The levy is still in the May 2014 budget, and Swan never removed, nor did the Department [MrDak] or CASA [McCormick] ensure that either Swan or Hockey knew that […]

Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!


Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!

Clicked on the “CASA Director” tab this afternoon [19th January 2015] and all I found was:

The Page [NoSuchPage] is not defined in this application, please check the URL.

Then a few minutes later get the BIO shown below.

Question here is: […]

What is hidden in the Bankstown Master Plan??

What is hidden in the Bankstown Master Plan??

Is this the basis to result in the death of GA at Bankstown and the conversion of Bankstown to a “…housing development…”.

Is this consistent to the original agreement to the “…lease…” of the secondary airports??

The Archerfield debacle is a case in point. Senator Fawcett […]

Who is the Director, International Standards, Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Who is:

Director, International Standards, Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Looks like a “Jamie Thompson” fills the bill. His talk as below, can be viewed here, but where has this person popped up??





Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator in Australia

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator?? in Australia.

The current review by David Forsyth [ASRR] certainly does not support this view and raises 37 recommendations as to how [and why] things should be fixed.

This is a long term direction for aviation.

The interference being run directly by the Department […]

Who is: Director, International Standards, Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The following was a press release of Rob Rich’s.

Australian nominated for ICAO Secretary General.

Mr John McCormick, recent past Director of Aviation Safety, CASA, has been nominated by the Australian Government for the position of ICAO Secretary General. This was announced during the ICAO International Aviation and Environment Seminar held 28 to 30 […]

Albanese reply to Truss/ MrDak ASRR response

The following is from Hansard as the reply by Albanese to the Truss ASRR release. Mr. Albanese does not “get-it”, with the concentration of the ex-minister being on local “noise”.

The industry response is instructive and the highlights below.

Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (09:20): Can I begin by saying that it is good to […]

MrDak and the Senate

Mike MrDak is a senior public servant, who was involved in the “Pink Batts” affair, as an advisor to Kevin Rudd.

There have been a series of other issues where MrDak has been asked serious questions.

In the following, article, the matter of the October 2011 Senate estimates is canvassed.

Mr Mrdak: Both. Our primary […]

Senator Fawcett questions – Still not answered – Where is the Archerfield case??


Senator FAWCETT: Gentlemen, a number of individuals and aviation associations have criticised—in fact, some have condemned in quite strong words—both the minister and the department for their handling of the issues around commercial development on Bankstown and Archerfield airports.

I would […]

Senator Fawcett grills ATSB head – Dolan

The Senate estimates makes interesting listening tonight [26th May 2014], with Senator Fawcett grilling Martin Dolan of the ATSB.

Senator Fawcett sheeted the funding issues and the up-coming loss of 12 staff in the ATSB to Albanese on more than one occasion – the new Government is keeping to the responsible people. the ATSB says […]

CASA – How many personell do they have to deal with in the industry??

The following is a summary of the 2003 [733 EFT] / 2013 [850 EFT] numbers, with the 1990’s numbers included to make a comparison.

These show a 117 increase in numbers 2003 to 2013, but since 2010 [702 EFT] there is a fall in numbers from 2003 to 2010 [for example 2009 – 709 EFT].


An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements ASRR report due soon

An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements and maybe reminds us of the ATSB reports and the errors exposed by “interested parties” in getting the actual answers.

Unfortunately there are too many since Whyalla, where ATSB has some serious answers to give:

Whyalla Lockhart River Benalla Canley Vale Norfolk Island

for a […]

Senate Committee Inquiry into 2014 Budget

The Senate Committee Inquiry into 2014 Budget is next week

Senate estimates on the Budget 2014:

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Infrastructure and Regional Development: Monday, 26 May and Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Perhaps the Senate will get to the bottom of the $89.9m


MrDak – Pink Batts and what did really happen??

The role of Mike Mrdak in the CASA/ ATSB wrangle over PelAir was an interesting Senate watch, together with the effect of his obvious advice on Dolan [ATSB] and McCormick [CASA]

I have collected some current articles to demonstrate just how this bureaucrat has acted in the “pink batts” matter, before going to the Infrastructure […]

Contribute to a CASA audit – Australian National Audit Office

Public submissions are invited by the ANAO [Australian National Audit Office] to on-going audits.

I have not heard of this happening before, but you can subscribe to an update service to be advised, if you use this link, which gives the opportunity to subscribe and as you do, you can just nominate for the Infrastructure […]

CASA and ? Corporate frenzy to justify direction of operation

The material written below by CASA, has been overtaken by events since 2011 [probably written in late 2011/ early 2102, as it is not dated], yet CASA still publish this on their web-site: –

To say:

CASA’s governance framework provides the context within which the organisation operates to achieve its objectives, ensuring transparent, ethical and […]

Questions for Minister Truss on 30th April 2014

Mr. Truss is to address the National Press Club on 30th April 2014:

The Hon Warren Truss MP

Deputy Prime Minister April 30, 2014 Arrive from 11.30am, lunch 12 noon, speaker 12.30 concludes 1.30pm

‘Address to the National Press Club’

Book Now For This Event

The Hon. Warren Truss MP is Deputy […]

Avgas impost 1st July 2010 – Minor transitional compliance and administration costs are expected from this rate change

I know this is “old ” data, but it goes to the $89.9m increase in the avgas/ avtur fuel excise by CASA on the industry, but it was/ is a 25% impost, without any prior notice on industry and on reading the data, has no finish point, being able to potentially just “roll-on”.

Date of […]

$89.9m is explained by Departmental head, Mrdak as “nessesary”

Make up your own mind, from the graph of BITRE below:


and the 2010-2011 summary provided:


CASA’s budgeted liabilities of $40.1m in 2010-11 represent an increase of $0.6m from the 2009-10 estimated closing position. The increase is primarily generated by employee provisions. CASA’s primary liability continues to be accrued employee salary […]

ASRR Review – What is the progress and where is Minister Truss?

Parliament releases next sitting days as May 13, 14 and 15th May, with Estimates on: 26, 27,28 and 29th May, then continued 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June.

2014 Parliamentary sittings

The Parliament’s 2014 sitting calendar was released on 25 November 2013. It has been agreed to by both houses.

The ASRR report is due […]