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More #aviation news on Richard Rudd

The information continues, with another story in Richard’s local paper, The Mareeba Express. [See below] today [31st August 2021]

It has an interesting comment attributed to Mareeba Shire Council:

A spokesperson for Mareeba Shire Council advised “it was not aware of any action that Mr Rudd intends to take.”

In the previous article [Tuesday […]

The Rudd story continues – #Mareeba Airport

The Rudd story continues – #Mareeba Airport

Facebook page for up-to-date information

Not quite viral, but the phone calls, e-mails, facebook posts, newspaper articles and on-radio requests certainly take it to that level.

The news from yesterday is that Mareeba Shire Council still have not called Richard to meet the terms of Judge Henry’s ORDER.


Richard Rudd wins against Mareeba Council

Richard Rudd wins against Mareeba Council


Today the Supreme Court of Queensland upheld the Application by Mr. Richard Rudd to have Mareeba Shire Council return his hangar at Mareeba Airport and for his continuing occupation. It was a condition of the lease that Mr. Rudd did not reside at Lease N.

On the […]

R22 mayhem caused by poor #casa investigations

Jack Pantovic got his day in court, with the AAT findings published on 18th December 2015.

[Update on 25th December 2015]

A casual conversation finds Jack [Jason Pantovic in the AAT] an R22 helicopter mustering pilot based just north of Mareeba, a bloke that works long hours and in a dangerous occupation.

The AAT […]

AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA Australia hosted a talk-fest with Mark Skidmore, CASA CEO as one of the speakers. Attendees included longtime members Dick Smith and Bill Hamilton.

They were disappointed by the presentation as Skidmore said “…part 61 as presented by CASA is the leading part 61 exposition in the world […]

Wind Turbine – Senate Inquiry

Wind Turbine – Senate Inquiry

This inquiry is still receiving submissions. Matters and effects have been raised in the past, with a report made to CASA, which raises serious issues.

In October 2014, a manifest was presented to the Senators, which included matters relating to wind turbines.

Wind Turbines

On 24 November 2014, the Senate […]

CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

The article by Nicola Berkovic [below] bears some careful thought, not just as to “hate” issues, but in the normal running of government.

The statement below attributed to Tim Wilson should be viewed in the light of what CASA has been doing in cases […]

Airservices and the Senate

Having looked and followed carefully the answers given by Ms Staib on Tuesday 24th February 2015, I have serious questions about the way Airservices is conducting it’s ‘business’ [monopoly provider] for the aviation industry.

The ASA non-use of a safety case before the ASA Board approved of a move of Adelaide Approach to Melbourne is […]

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

The pprune romance seems to have ended for Kharon – quite a few stories abound about posts being removed, threads being “locked” with no good reason or no-reason given by pprune.

Some of the “Kharon pprune posts are on this site.

The removal of threads and posts […]

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator in Australia

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator?? in Australia.

The current review by David Forsyth [ASRR] certainly does not support this view and raises 37 recommendations as to how [and why] things should be fixed.

This is a long term direction for aviation.

The interference being run directly by the Department […]

Cairns to Canberra group find new evidence on Lockhart River

During their trip, the Cairns to Canberra group found new evidence on Lockhart River disaster. This is an important step forward in working out what really happened in the time leading up to the crash and whether material was not available to the Coroner and subsequent Senate hearing.

This presence of new evidence was revealed […]

Cairns to Canberra Caravan reaches the Capital for meetings

The caravan always had it’s objective to go to the Senate estimates and meet with senior CASA personell.

These objectives were met, with Senators Sterle and Heffernan coming to the group during a break. One member had met with Senator Heffernan in the past, but had not had the opportunity to meet Deputy […]