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Dick Smith Oration

On the 26th April 2018, Dick Smith spoke in Wagga NSW about the challenges facing #aviation.

In the talk, which is below for an almost 20-minute listen, calls for substantial changes to the Civil Aviation Act [CAAct], which will immediately benefit the direction of #aviation and #saveGA.

Further Dick calls for the introduction of the […]

British flyer to take a Stearman from England to Sydney

Tracey Curtis Taylor is due to leave Britain’s Farnborough on October 1st 2015.

This is to trace the route shown below and in the footsteps of Amy Johnson.

Tracey’s flight is in honour of Amy Johnson and her epic solo flight to Australia in 1930 which astounded the world. Where possible, Tracey will be following […]

Burketown images – Morning Glory Cloud 2015

Burketown images – Morning Glory Cloud 2015


Roll Cloud


Albert River – Burketown Wharf

Albert River Sunrise










Albert River on sunrise



Hard wing Hang-glider assembly







Address by Jonathon Aleck – November 2014

Address by Jonathon Aleck – November 2014, which goes to the matter of ‘trust’.

The industry is clear – it does not trust the regulator.

The ASRR report by David Forsyth and the many submissions could not be clearer – No trust in the regulator and also the safety investigator.

There is no mention […]

History and Aviation

Found this on an e-mail and can’t give the credits for it, but here goes!!

A little bit of history.

The day the US Navy learned it could FLY from ships

In Las Vegas, I took a chopper from Boulder to the Grand Canyon. On the way , past […]