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Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake

Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake.

Here are the resolutions arising from the #aviation meeting in Wagga over the past two days [see below].

There has been some well thought out ideas here, which can be boiled down into:

Review of the Civil Aviation Act, to include as a minimum, a repeal of […]

#casa annual report 2017

The #casa annual report 2017 released in late October 2017 is interesting from the start and the letter by Jeff Boyd to the Minister.

It was dated the 12/9/2017 with a copy to Mike MrDak.

Problem is MrDak left Department on the 7th September 2017, some five (5) days earlier.


Minister who admits to ignorance over #aviation air safety

In reading the 2015 – 2016 Annual report of #casa, one can see how ignorance could rise to the point where the Minister may be misled by the Department.

As early as 2013, it was becoming obvious that #casa (and probably the Department) were trying to slow down the movement of information in what is […]

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

There is a growing noise of the problems of #asa. This situation has followed the Senate expose on 18th August 2015.

The RAAA [see below] gives a further push to serious changes to management of Australian airspace.

The RAAA fully supports Maurice Newman, the federal government’s most senior […]

VIPA has more to say in escalating war between users and providers

VIPA has more to say in escalating war between users and providers

The escalating row is continuing between #ASA and user groups, with the Virgin Pilot’s group the latest to weigh into the argument.

VIPA [Virgin Independ­ent Pilots Association], mounted a very carefully worded submission to David Forsyth’s ASRR, which was followed by support for […]

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

With help from the PAIN Group, posted here to the YouTube link is the broken up complete look at the 24th February 2015 estimates.

Worth a read and watch of the obvious body language of the participants.

The full link to other Senate […]

ASRR Report released by Truss

The heavy lifting still has to come on this as the report still allows CASA to prevail.

This fails to fully get to the real underlying problems of the industry, which is supported by the member for Franklin who shows her complete ignorance of the issues, a problem arises for the industry.

The following are […]

Is this the future requirements for aviation in Australia – ASRR, Minister Truss

The following post on pprune is a very good “way forward”, which I have summarised from this and included a full list for the ASRR and the Minister immediately below:

• Regulatory reform programme – Introducing the US-FAR’s • CASA – Dismantling of and creation of a new aviation safety body; • ATSB – The […]