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#casa annual report 2017

The #casa annual report 2017 released in late October 2017 is interesting from the start and the letter by Jeff Boyd to the Minister.

It was dated the 12/9/2017 with a copy to Mike MrDak.

Problem is MrDak left Department on the 7th September 2017, some five (5) days earlier.


Criminality and “Code of Conduct” – The #casa version

The letter by Richard Harding, emeritus professor of law in today’s Australian reminds us of a series of occurrences by #casa of movement from identified criminality to code of conduct breaches.

Richard Harding says: “….It should be remembered that the code of conduct cannot override the ordinary criminal law…..”

Examples include that of Richard Rudd, […]

November 18th marks eighth year of #pelair problems

On November 18th 2009, and a Westwind became a short term floating wreck at Norfolk Island.

In 3-metre seas, in a dark part of the Pacific Ocean, six individuals combined to survive a ditching as the jet had run out of fuel and despite a number of attempts to land at the Norfolk Island strip, […]

#casa annual report 2016

The change of the #casa CEO from Skidmore to Carmody, who was the Deputy Director of the department, reporting to MrDak.

Carmody at #casa replacing Skidmore

This is a major show of strength by MrDak in the struggle to keep a lid on the #aviation industry and show that there is […]

Coglan strikes again – Bad #casa witness in Quadrio affair

Coglan strikes again – The #casa witness in Quadrio affair, who gave, on his own statement, false statements about John Quadrio.

A similar situation occurred with Jack Pantovic last December 2015, when accusations were made that led to an AAT hearing in Cairns.

John lost his flying licence on this basis and #casa has […]

Update on #skidmore resignation in #casa #saveGA ??

A surprise announcement was made overnight by #casa, with Shane Carmody the Department’s Deputy Director being placed in the #skidmore seat.

The question must be raised:

Why Jonathon Aleck was not given the task; What really happened in Fort Fumble with the #skidmore resignation; Has the Minister got his hand in this?; How long will […]

Rule of Law and the Model Litigant

In today’s Australian, there is a most pertinent letter to the editor, about the players of the Essendon Football Club being denied natural justice in the findings released last week.

It bears some thought as to how Jack [Jason] Pantovic was treated by #casa and the #aat in the judgement released on 18th December 2015 […]

MetaData access by #casa – Why does #casa need to spy??

This is “…casa here – we want to help you….”

#casa [see below] has been given authority by the Attorney General to use metadata.

For us, poor old computer non-geeks, metadata is:

Telephone numbers The time and length of phone calls The internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) of computers from which messages are received or […]

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application – regulatory philosophy??

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application

Sunfish calls well for clear changes Mr. Skidmore, not soon, but now and before more damage to #ozaviation.

The recent “10-point statement of regulatory philosophy” as reproduced below, can only be called an absolute rubbish. It is compromised of a series of half-truths and mis-representations.


Is there any hope for a good AVMED assessment??

Is there any hope for a good AVMED assessment??

Navarthe has gone from AVMED and the ridiculously expensive AAT CVD case has been lost, together with the reversal of a series of AVMED – Navarthe decisions. There is a call for all those who have been affected to give their case. This continued with Dr. […]

Ministerial effect on the community – Negative impact on aviation

Ministerial effect on the community – Negative impact on aviation

Good article Paul [below], although with respect it is simplistic to blame the ‘political’ class for our inability to pursue reforms. After all we are all part of the ‘class’, and for that matter it could be argued that the fourth estate should wear a […]

Show Cause Notice – AOPA procedure CAR 269

Show Cause Notice – Boyd Munro procedure

In light of the recent spate of actions by CASA, with the distinct aim of “suspension”, rather than trying to work properly with the individual, who in the eyes of CASA may have transgressed, or assumed to have transgressed.

I reproduce the instructions and directions that originally […]

CASA and the AAT – CASA fails to “assist the tribunal”

CASA and the AAT – CASA fails to “assist the tribunal”

The recent decision against CASA last month raises some interesting issues.

This involved a trainee [CPL] pilot, who hired an aircraft for which he was properly authorised to fly, arrives a few minutes after last light. The pilot [Fadella], is accused of a range […]

Process continues – introduction rules without consultation [Case study]

Multicom frequencies:

Introduction without consultation, then CASA refuses to remove or “fix-up” the problems created.

As some readers would be aware, the change to the MULTICOM in 2013 was conducted with no consultation and no risk analysis or safety case to industry knowledge.

The following discussion details serious changes being made to ‘rules”, […]

Top Tweets for #pelair – Not a good look for Minister Truss

Top Tweets for #pelair.

Results for #pelair

robbo – R44 ‏@flyingoz 8h8 hours ago

Senator @Nick_Xenophon queries political donations by regional airline Rex | The Australian #pelair @SenatorNash http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/senator-xenophon-queries-political-donations-by-regional-airline-rex/story-e6frg95x-1227191355007?sv=4e02b61a731652a898b89b55be072234#.VMAa4VNytKk.twitter …

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#PAIN Senate […]

Questions arise about REX and politics

Questions arise about REX and politics

The Anthony Klan article certainly is an expose on the matter of apparent interference with the political process in Australia. This type of behaviour may explain why CASA is so keen to work on being an “Un-model Litigant”.

Is there some connections in this as regards to the:

Aero-medical […]

DAME newsletters and Pooshan spin

DAME newsletters

The following was written by Pooshan Navarthe and is a good example of how this is spun to show that CASA does not “lose” in the AAT over AVMED matters. The full newsletters are below.

Not true of course.


DAME newsletter April 2012

DAME Newsletter – September 2012


Bartsch makes conflicted aviation statement

Bartsch makes conflicted aviation statement

Today [30th December 2014], Ron Bartsch made a statement on Nine News, which made comment in a role as an “…aviation consultant…” making comment on an aircraft entering the water in a stall.

As Bartsch is now a member of the AAT [Administrative Appeals Tribunal], comments such as this must […]

CVD Press Release and letter to Minister

CVD Press Release and letter to Minister:



Media Release: 3 September, 2014.


In a formal Submission to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss, the Virgin Independent Pilots Association (VIPA) claims the Civil Aviation Safety […]

The AAT and the new broom – Ekinci case and Mr. Bartsch – Should Mr. Bartsch stand aside??

The following AAT case between CASA and Reha Ekinci has some interesting “bumps” and reveals some long standing issues between the two parties.

The following cases refer to the AAT judgements.

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA 424 (27 June 2014)

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA […]

Quadrio case misquoted by the AAT

There was an AAT hearing against a “Rhea Ekinci”, who is well known to many people.

The case quotes the Quadrio matter:

6th Jul 2014, 16:30 #95 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 674 What a crock the aat is The Quadrio case gets another hit in […]