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#casa’s 10-steps of philosophy

#casa’s 10-steps of philosophy

Mark Skidmore released these “commandments” to the industry on the 23rd September 2015.

I have taken a while to upload these as there are so many “…if, but ……” and “…..protect #casa…..” wheeled into a thoroughly “….legalese document….” that most of #ozaviation will say are just there to protect the regulator.   [pdf file for download]

There are no produced metrics, with the “….philosophy….” the basis of the so-called improvements, or in Skidmore’s words:

I believe this new regulatory philosophy is an important milestone for both CASA and the aviation community. There is now a clear and concise set of principles to guide all our actions. I am committed to ensuring these principles make a real, positive and lasting difference to the way CASA operates and the way we interact with the aviation community.

I will take action to ensure every member of CASA understands these principles, how they apply to the work they do and the need to ensure they adhere to them in practice.

The principles will guide and direct the making and implementation of regulations, safety education and support, the delivery of regulatory services, operational surveillance and enforcement, as well as our consultation and communications.

There is:

  • No “….talking to industry….” prior to this release;
  • No reference to what the industry requires;
  • No reference to the #asrr outcomes.

All of which should be guiding how #casa proactively works with industry.

This is much more of a “…them and us….” approach, with aviation the distinct looser.


Adjusting the 2015 Annual Report

With few apologies!!



2015 Annual Report rehash by #casa

casa - 10A



casa - 10B




casa - 10D


casa - 10E



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