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Purpose of CASA [from casa.gov.au on 12th March 2013]:

 Foreword by the former CEO

I am pleased to present CASA’s revised Service Charter, which re-affirms our commitment to high standards of service in all aspects of our business and invites feedback from those who use our services.

We are well aware that our actions and decisions can affect people’s lives and businesses, and we accept our responsibility to give service on a professional basis, and with courtesy and consideration. An important feature of the revised Charter is an improved complaints handling process.

Of course, CASA is a regulator as well as a service provider and our business is safety. For CASA, good service is important but it cannot mean ‘the client is always right’. We cannot always give people the answers they would like to hear or enable them to do the things they would like to do. And our priorities will not always be the same as those of the people we are dealing with. But our approach will be ‘why not’ rather than ‘why’.

Our aim is to be a good regulator. What that means was well set out in the Minister’s 2003 Charter Letter to CASA: ‘A good regulator will communicate andconsult extensively with stakeholders. Its decisions will be consistent andpredictable, based on transparent processes. A good regulator will demonstrate fairnessgood judgement, and be flexible andresponsive to the changing environment in which the aviation industry operates. It will be effectiveefficient and timely in its operations and it will be accountable for its actions. In the provision of regulatory services CASA must provide a high level of client service and treat clients with consideration and courtesy. Finally, it will be independent, enforcing civil aviation regulations, as it deems appropriate, while bearing in mind these expected standards of behaviour.’

This Service Charter is one way in which we can be directly accountable to all our stakeholders. It sets a benchmark against which expectations and experiences of CASA’s service can be measured.

We will use the feedback we receive and our own regular monitoring of performance to help ensure our service standards meet the requirements of a good regulator.

Bruce Byron Chief Executive Officer



Is CASA meeting those requirements, or

Is CASA developing an impossible to “comply with” system??

Interesting to see that this is by “Bruce Byron”, yet the current ceo [McCormick] says that: “….I am not responsible for what went before I was appointed………………..”