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New Regulations

CASA has been changing regulations for over 20 years.

These have a range of effects on the aviation community, which result in a range of effects, mostly to make the operation within any part of the aviation community more complex and distinctly more difficult.

The following give some of the changes insisted on by CASA, using a very short time frame for discussion and the the use of a “rapid introduction” of the regulations.

In many cases, when the industry finally “sees and uses the regulations” it finds them cumbersome at least.

Briefing Document
Consultation Draft for proposed amendments to Part 145 Manual of Standards (MOS) September 2013

The following demonstrates the confusion in these regulations and changes:

(1) The mention of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within subparagraph 145.A.70 (a) 1 of the Part 145 MOS has led to confusion as to who can sign off on the exposition, given the varied nature of organisation structures. CASA intends to standardise the definition of Accountable Manager between the Parts 66, 145 and 147 at the next regulatory drafting opportunity, such that it reflects the outcome required of an accountable manager position. In the shorter term CASA will remove the mention of the CEO from the Part 145 MOS provision.