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CAO 100.5

CAO 100.5

No information on this to the industry.

Is this just meant to consign GA to history in Australia??

What is the cost????


[2] Paragraph 9.1

For subregulation 38 (1) of the Regulations, CASA directs the registered operator of an Australian aircraft to comply with the maintenance requirements for the aircraft and its aeronautical products, including life-limits, as established under the approved design for the aircraft or product.
Note Contravention of a CASA maintenance direction under this subsection is a strict liability offence under regulation 38 of the Regulations.

CAO 100.5 Instrument July 31st 2013

Explanatory Statement 100.5

100.5 Regulation


View this and weep:



Got one of these??

How much is this going to cost??

Where is the economic assesment by CASA??