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AMROBA Meeting

AMROBA Meeting:

The meeting last Saturday was a travesty – just a very angry man yelling down the industry. This is the concern of all the industry.

The realisation of what is really happening and how out of step the regulator [CASA] is with the industry came to the fore on Saturday. A detailed report is on pprune is an eye-opener.

This has not been lost on Senator Ian McDonald – He has seen it for himself. This is something I have witnessed – an angry CEO who attacks those nearest to him to divert the problem away.

In this case, if CASA get’s it way, it will decimate the the MRO industry, reduce the value of aircraft, which can no longer be exported, even to the country of origin.

The value of individual LAME licences will be lost and there will be a major effect on the rest of the industry as LAME’s will no longer be able to travel using their licences as a seperate European and FAA licence will be required as the training is out of step with the training and system in Australia.