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QF 32

ATSB Report QF 32:

This is well talked about in this article by Christine Negroni and the ATSB report needs close attention as the changes yesterday [28th June 2013] ATSB report.


From Christine’s article:

The ATSB spent two and a half years examining Qantas Flight 32. But its report is disappointing in that it has not resolved these important questions about durability of the plane or the ability of a two-person crew to successfully fly it in similar circumstances.  Is QF 32 an “opportunity” to incorporate lessons learned? No. It is more than that. It is a mandate that safety officials keep on learning from this near-disaster.


This is just what the Senate has said in it’s report about the ATSB already. Good to see others picking up on this.

ATSB Report – QF 32