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The Industry has an Industry Complaints Commissioner [ICC] [reporting to either/or Anastasi – McCormick], who refuses to properly investigate complaints.

The new coalition policy in part says:

c. Industry Complaints Commissioner

The Coalition recognises the importance of having a reliable, robust and transparent complaints process that is managed in a timely manner.

The Industry Complaints Commissioner is responsible for investigating complaints about CASA personnel and delegates or authorised persons, in a reasonable time. There have been many objections raised about the length of time taken to resolve complaints and the outcome of investigations.

The Coalition will require the Industry Complaints Commissioner to provide a quarterly report to the Board and the Director of Aviation Safety, including a summary of their activities, covering the number of complaints received, the timeframe in which they were addressed, and recommendations on improvements to structures or consultation processes that could be made to address systemic concerns, as appropriate.

The Board will be asked to consider mandating standard response times for investigations, as well as directing additional resources from within CASA to the Industry Complaints Commissioner should it be required.