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CASA twitters Dromader info Effect FireFighting?? RFS

The following twitter was made by CASA at 10.48PM on 6th November 2013:


All 30 Aust Dromader aircraft on the ground while safety issues reviewed following recent accident.

Question is: how come it took this long when there was a press release, which wasn’t on the Web Site either at 5PM 6/11/2013??

This is a serious safety issue.

There is a fatality in an aircraft that CASA says is OK to fly and is a key asset in the fire fighting in Australia, in a season which appears to be one of the most intense, given the amount of ground cover and unburnt material in the bush.

The release of what amounts to a rebuttal of the ATSB report and a “full steam ahead” approach to operators of the Dromaders has serious issues as to how CASA does it’s business.

How can the community rely on an organisation such as this???

The questions go on as to the validity and direction of a large number of actions including:

  • PelAir;
  • Whyalla;
  • Lockhart River;
  • Tiger Airlines;
  • Flight Training;
  • Reg 61 and 138 statuatory offences imbedded in the Part;
  • CASR 105 and it’s withdrawal;
  • The failure to reply to the Senate inquiry on PelAir;
  • Misuse of the legal system to prosecute AOC holders or individuals.

Then there is the broader issues of, at a Departmental level:

  • Airport sales;
  • Interference between CASA and ATSB;
  • Failure to properly deal with aviation issues.

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