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casa sponsorship Does this help industry

The question is does this help or hinder aviation or place aviation in an un-enviable position as it can become compromised???

What is a reciprocal benefit?? Maybe not as proposed by CASA.

Or is this just further control over the industry??

Safety the key to sponsorship

CASA has updated its sponsorship policy, with the next round of applications invited from January 2014. Sponsorship from CASA can include financial or in-kind support to third parties for activities that promote safety in Australia for the benefit of the wider aviation community. CASA’s sponsorship program is designed to support and complement current safety promotion activities and priorities. Typically CASA will sponsor activities such as conferences, workshops and seminars, educational programs, publications and industry events. In the 2013–14 year, CASA is particularly interested in receiving sponsorship proposals from organisations that are promoting safety issues in four areas. These are ageing aircraft, safety in the sports and recreational sector, the promotion and implementation of new rules and helicopter pilots operating in remote and regional areas.

In return for sponsorship CASA expects to receive a reciprocal benefit that acknowledges its contribution. This can be signage at events, branding on publications, acknowledgement of support at key events, the opportunity to distribute information materials at events and opportunities for CASA people to speak or run sessions or workshops at events.

Organisations receiving sponsorship from CASA must submit a closing report within 30 days of the activity taking place.

Sponsorship application forms and detailed guidelines have now been published.

Find out more about CASA’s sponsorship program.

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