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CASA “Safety” seminars – Are they worth going to???

The last time I went to on of these seminars, the presenters refused to answer questions on Part 61 and a range of important issues.

To raise issues is just another way to not get answers from CASA.


The latest is directed seminar series, which in the mccormick missive on 26th May 2014 says:

Fourteen seminars for pilots in June

Fourteen AvSafety seminars for pilots are scheduled to be held in four states and one territory during June 2014. Seminars are being conducted at locations in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. There are three themes for the AvSafety seminars – an update on regulatory reform, the latest safety trends identified by CASA, Airservices and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and information about new interactive online education programs and resources. Seminars focussing on regulatory reform will provide a high level overview of the new flight crew licensing suite of regulations and coming operational regulations. All seminars will provide a chance for pilots to discuss what the new regulations mean for their flying and to provide comments and feedback. There will also be plenty of opportunities for people to ask questions and raise other issues. All seminars are free but bookings are needed through CASA’s website using AviationWorx.


Here is the latest round of CASA “telling the aviation community”:

Location State Date Venue Register
Toowoomba QLD 11 Jun 2014 City Golf Club Register now
Wagga NSW 12 Jun 2014 Wagga City Aero Club Register now
Horn Island QLD 17 Jun 2014 Wongai Beach Hotel Register now
Parkes NSW 18 Jun 2014 Parkes Aero Club Register now
Mildura VIC 18 Jun 2014 Mildura Aero Club Register now
Latrobe Valley VIC 18 Jun 2014 Latrobe Valley Aero Club Register now
Karratha WA 18 Jun 2014 Ibis Styles Karratha Register now
Cowra NSW 19 Jun 2014 Cowra Services Club Register now
Darwin NT 24 Jun 2014 Rydges Darwin Airport Resort Register now
Kununurra WA 25 Jun 2014 Ibis Syles Kununurra Register now
Warrnambool VIC 26 Jun 2014 Laby Bay Resort Register now
No Seminars Available ACT No Seminars Available No Seminars Available



Press release by Gibson:

Keeping Cowra skies safe

Keeping Cowra skies safe is the focus of a special workshop for local pilots being held next week.

All pilots in the Cowra region are being urged to attend the workshop which is being run by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The workshop will focus on a range of key topics to improve the safety and flying skills of pilots of all ages and experience.

Topics to be covered during the workshop include avoiding airspace infringements, flying at aerodromes without air traffic control towers, using electronic flight bags and new navigation requirements.

Pilots will also be given information on CASA’s program of spot checks on pilots before flights, special online education tools and new regulations.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, John McCormick, said the safety workshops are a central part of the ongoing drive to improve aviation safety.

“I encourage all local pilots to come along to this workshop because it is not only an opportunity to learn but to ask questions and provide feedback,” Mr McCormick said.

“In aviation we must all be committed to improving our skills and safety knowledge to keep everyone safe.

“This workshop will focus on areas where safety performance can be improved, as well as providing updates on education tools and regulatory change.”

The Cowra air safety workshop is being held on Thursday 19 June 2014 at 6pm at the Cowra Services Club.

People attending are asked to book online using AviationWorx on the CASA website: AvSafety Seminars.

Media contact:
Peter Gibson
Mobile: 0419 296 446
Email: peter.gibson@casa.gov.au
Ref: MR7214

ABC pickup of the Gibson press release:
17 June, 2014 1:07PM AEST

Impending rule changes for pilots has prompted the nation’s aviation authority to go on an education tour through the NSW central west.

Flying seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate.

For the haters, you’re likely to be riddled with stress about soaring up into the clouds, and probably won’t enter into a career as a pilot.

For the lovers, there’s something almost-therapeutic about the rattle and rumble of a plane tracking along a runway and the lurch as you lift-off the ground.

Some love it so much they enter into a career in aviation, perhaps as a steward, or even a pilot.

The NSW central west is littered with small airports and aerodromes that are used to varying degrees- from commercial carriers offering flights to the city, to farmers soaring over their paddocks.

“Pilots in the central west have got pretty good flying conditions. Particularly at the smaller aerodromes, they’ve got plenty of room to do their flying,” says spokesman for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Peter Gibson.

“They’ve always got questions about procedures; how to follow the rules successfully; how to get the best training and keep up to date.”

A suite of new rules for pilots is coming into force in September, focussing on licensing.

CASA is holding training workshops in Parkes and Cowra this week for pilots looking to get up to scratch with the rules.

“It’s a good time to sit down with local pilots and talk to them about what the rule changes might mean for their flying, and importantly, answer their questions and get any feedback,” says Peter.

“It’s important all current pilots in regional areas understand these changes.”

Over recent months, a light plane crashed at Narrabri; while a pilot was killed when his ultra-light aircraft crashed near Ivanhoe in May.

“We’re always looking at the aviation safety system and aviation safety trends, and looking for ways to make improvements,” says Peter.

“One of the ways you can make improvements is to bring in new safety rules; [and] we’ll certainly be doing things to improve safety, but it’s an ongoing process.”

Peter says flying into regional airports and aerodromes can be particularly dangerous for pilots.

“There aren’t air traffic control towers at all the regional aerodromes, so pilots have got to manage that themselves.

“They’ve got to talk to other aircraft and be very aware of when scheduled airline services are coming in, and work with them to make sure there are no conflicts.”

CASA offers a range of other training modules for local pilots to complete to improve their knowledge.

“We’ve got a number of online tools where pilots can go in, do exercises, and get information that will help improve the safety of their flying,” says Peter.

“That’s a great thing to be doing all the time, so that you’re continuously updating and improving your safety knowledge.”


For more details on the workshops being held in Parkes and Cowra, visit the CASA website.


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