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These do not meet therequirements of a forum and are just boring repeats of old information:

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Albury Safety Seminar

Had a friend go to the Albury “seminar’ last night.

He said:

The presenters [We are the only casa people who can give you our mobile phone numbers] really were not on top of questions.

In fact, despite FF assurances, cut off questions during the night and did not want to field any Part 61 questions.

No “bribery nibbles” either!!

Definitely just a pile of re-hashed material, which did not get to the point.

The presenters said the “meat bombers” were not controlled by casa and when pressed knew of “through the cloud” drops and other misdemeanours, but said that casa does have responsibility and just flick-passed” to Para Fed.

Certainly were not taking this stuff back to skull to get the PJOps into order.

The presentation on non-controlled airports was poor and never gor to the real issues.

The material on EFB’s did not meet the requirements in the regs., with the presenter relying on the CAAP [which does not have a head of power]

So I believe that it was just a numbers exercise by casa to say they have talked to another probably 40 pilots!!

Oh and by the way, surprise, surprise no mention of the ASRR/ WLR [Truss review]

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