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CASA responds to ASRR inquiry – Again ignores the complexity of rules

Is this CASA’s response to the ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] or does it just demonstrate again that CASA cannot get it right??

The system is too difficult to navigate through and CASA is just hitting the big end of town again, with no attempt to visit country major centres.

I know of lots of people who never get to the “big-smoke” and these people should not be ignored.


Following feedback received on the performance based navigation (PBN) briefing sessions held in 2013, CASA will be hosting additional sessions in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Essendon in 2014.

As Australian aviation enters a new era of safety and efficiency, all IFR aircraft operating in Australia need to be fitted with global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) avionics.

In addition, PBN is being implemented and pilots wishing to fly IFR will need to be appropriately trained.

These face-to-face briefings will give aircraft operators, pilots, manufacturers and maintenance organisations an overview of the regulations (CAO 20.91 and CAO 20.18), the concept of PBN, GNSS and ADS-B equipment requirements, upcoming deadlines and the impact on airspace/route design.

All members of the aviation industry are encouraged to attend.

A light breakfast will be served at each session.

Visit the CASA website to register. Places are limited so act now to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions please email cns@casa.gov.au


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