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CASA releases it’s response to Minister – What a spin merchant’s dream!!

The following was released by CASA today [26th November 2013].

It amply demonstrates the contempt CASA has for the industry and how it is avoiding the issues raised by the pelAir inquiry, the failure for Minister Albanese to answer the Senate when given the report on 5th June 2013, some 2 months before Parliament was perouged.


November 2013

From the Director of Aviation Safety
John McCormick

CASA was pleased to see the announcement by the Federal Government this month of the independent review of aviation safety in Australia. The review is an opportunity for everyone in aviation to think carefully about important issues, to put forward constructive ideas for change and to see how Australia compares with other leading aviation nations. It gives individuals and organisations the chance to have their say, including agencies such as CASA. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, told Parliament the Government is determined to ensure everything is done to make Australia’s aviation safety system even better. This is a goal CASA wholeheartedly supports and indeed works to every single day. When CASA develops new regulations, carries out surveillance, conducts an audit or delivers safety education our aim is to improve the outcomes of our aviation safety system. We are always striving to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible and the review will assist us by benchmarking our work and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Importantly, the review is looking at both the structures, effectiveness and processes of all the agencies involved in aviation safety, as well as the relationships and interactions of the agencies. CASA understands and values the importance of our relationship with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and we have processes in place to ensure the outcomes of the Bureau’s investigations are carefully analysed and appropriate regulatory and safety actions are taken. Any steps that can be taken to further develop our relationship with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and other aviation agencies, will be positive both for CASA and the aviation safety system. Another important area to be considered by the review is the burden and costs of regulation. Mr Truss told Parliament: “The Government has a clear policy of reducing the cost of regulation to business, and this goal will be part of the review. If there are ways to improve our safety outcomes and reduce the regulatory burden and the costs imposed on industry, then we can create a win-win outcome for the Australian economy overall.” CASA already takes the costs of regulation into account when developing and implementing safety standards and we welcome this aspect of the review. While achieving the best possible safety outcomes must always come first, CASA understands regulation must not be an unnecessary drag on aviation activity. The review is scheduled to report to Mr Truss by May 2014 and will be undertaking extensive industry and public consultation over the coming months.

Find out more about the independent review of aviation safety.

Best regards

John F McCormick

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