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#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

Blatant disregard of ATSB by CASA

With the loss of Bernie Curall on 27th February 2015, a history lesson needs to made as to the Lockhart River tragedy.

Recent research shows that there are still unanswered questions surrounding the crash and untold issues leading up to the May 2005 crash.

I raise the matters wish again arise in the interference by CASA in the ATSB PelAir investigation, which is now re-opened.

The Canadian review, despite ATSB’s efforts to narrow the terms of reference, still found a large number of places [starting with the CVR/ black box recovery] that should have been undertaken.


1. Why is casa allowed to blatantly disregard ATSB safety recommendation R20070006?

2. Why is #casa failing to meet ICAO requirements?

3. What is the reported situation with the FAA survey of casa and its failure to comply with ICAO requirements?

4. Will the new MOU “fix” this situation??

It is obvious that #casa is thumbing its nose at the safety report as regulator. In cases like this there is no public or industry scrutiny of the final outcome.

The failure by casa to meet ICAO requirements, considering the amount of public money spent of ICAO involvement is deplorable.

From LHR ATSB report ATSB safety recommendation R20070006:

4.2.10 Guidance for content of an operations manual
Safety issue

CASA’s guidance material provided to operators about the structure and content of an operations manual was not as comprehensive as that provided by ICAO in areas such as multi-crew procedures and stabilised approach criteria.

Response from Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Date received: 23 March 2007
Guidance material in the form of an advisory circular on multi-crew operations, which includes such contemporary safety issues as threat and error management and stabilised approaches, is in its final stages of development.

Australia remains active on the ICAO Operations Control Panel with regards to global standards and recommended procedures including those that apply to subjects such as operations manuals, multi-crew procedures and stabilised approaches.

ATSB assessment of response

While the ATSB acknowledges CASA’s intention to issue an advisory circular on multi-crew operations, the safety issue relates more broadly to the structure and content of operations manuals.

ATSB safety recommendation R20070006

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority address this safety issue.

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