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CASA monthly “bulletin” – what truth is there in this??

The following is from the pprune site, reminding us of the 2008/ 2009 FAA/ ICAO audit, [The final report, with some 2600 non-compliance’s]:

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I think creampuff has been right all along.

the hard core of casa have the politicians above them well understood and know that if they keep up a sufficiently complex smoke and mirrors act “in the interests of a higher sense of safety” then the politicians will be as dumb as dog shit and pass it all into law.

gone is all the common sense wisdom in aviation.

there were Tee shirts in bangkok that seem applicable to casa.
“do not believe what you know,
do not believe what you see.
believe what you are told.

the sad thing in all this is that the core of casa seem to believe what they publish. and of course they would they don’t own aircraft and never fly as we do so they have no clue.

what I find most disturbing is that casa and safety are looking more and more like an islamic religion. the parallels are disturbing.

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Originally Posted by Creampuff View Post
Mr Truss has just introduced a Bill that will expand the CASA Board from 4 to 6 (plus CEO as ex officio member), with effect 1 July.

Peace for our time!

Does this meet Old Akro’s requirement that 1/3 of the management should be new…?

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No. It means there are a couple of new positions vacant for Coalition ‘friends’.
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casa is out of touch with the Aviation Industry

Here is the latest skull monthly “rant”.

Obviously, skull has forgotten the ICAO audit, the PelAir debacle and of course the Lockhart River problems.

Remember, the ICAO/ FAA audit of casa which gave an extremely poor outcome for casa.

The PelAir Senate report did not give anything like the skull “glowing report”.

Just who is skull trying to impress??

Not me, not the 260 submitters to the ASRR.

Is this the follow up to the p gibson rant and the board “endorsement” of skull.

Just leave John, just leave.

From the Director of Aviation Safety
John McCormick

Most people in Australian aviation probably do not have the time or need to think about how our safety performance is viewed by the rest of the world. Internationally Australia and CASA enjoy an exceptional reputation as a leader across many dimensions of aviation safety and safety regulation. Our contributions have long been and continue to be highly regarded by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), as well as by individual nations and regional authorities.

We work closely with ICAO on the council in which Australia has continued to maintain its standing as a tier one member for decades. CASA experts are eagerly pursued to participate in ICAO’s development of global rules for aviation safety. Our staff currently serve on eleven ICAO panels, as well as ten task forces and study groups. In the Asia-Pacific region CASA provides important aviation safety related assistance to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific island countries. We help to improve the safety of their aviation systems for the benefit of their citizens as well as the many Australians who travel in these areas.

Australia has entered into arrangements with a number of countries to ensure mutual recognition of maintenance, design and airworthiness certification processes. The most recent was with Singapore, which like Australia and a number of other Asian nations, has adopted the European Aviation Safety Agency rules as the basis for their regulations.

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