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#casa misrepresent the numbers again


This is an issue that affects every pilot in Australia. Although it is a perpetual licence, without a valid medical – A pilot is not a pilot.

That #casa went to a discussion paper is a bit of a change, but as is the normative #casa way, the numbers became misrepresented by #casa as to the number of submissions.

A lot of AOPA-Aus pilots went to the trouble of signing a petition, others a short note from themselves and as direct support for the AOPA submission.

Robert Walker, who is in charge of the carriage of this matter, along with Acting CEO Carmody say there were only 160 submissions.

In fact:

160 + 127 = 287 direct submissions or:

160 + 127 + 1717 = 2004 total supporters of a particular change.

Remember the #ASRR investigation of David Forsyth, where 269 submissions were received and even short ones, similar to the 127 above were published.

The actual submissions received by Forsyth and the #ASRR are worth a reminder and a read.

Let’s stop messing around with #aviation and immediately introduce the US-FAR’s

The following is the @aopaaustralia letter to #casa on the Avmed Discussion Paper in part:

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia – Avmed Discussion Paper Submission

Please accept the following as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s submission to the discussion paper process to bring about changes as to how medical certification is performed and what standard of medical fitness is required to operate a private aircraft.  This submission is supported by 127 signed letters and 1,717 petitioned signatures, which were obtained across a 5 week period during last quarter of 2016.

Under the current Avmed system, Australia’s general aviation industry has experienced a 34% decline in general aviation pilot numbers (loss of approx. 8,000 persons), whilst during the same period the number of RAAus pilots operating under ‘simplified’ medicals has grown by some 8,000 persons.

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