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#casa makes another loss in 2016 of over $6.7m

Two years in a row and #casa were given (for four years only) an increase of around $25m per year in 2010.

In the 2010 budget, some $89.9m over the next 4 years from a temporary increase in excise, which still has not been removed.

Mark Skidmore and John McCormick failed on that as well with the $6.7m (see below) overspend in the budget. If you take off the (around) $24m, that is over $30m.

No wonder #casa were late with the annual report again (or just to avoid questioning in the senate, as this is another “FAIL” for #casa.

#casa fail in Colmar Brunton survey

Review of Skidmore in past 18-months as “DAS” – FAIL


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