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CASA finally come up with a full list of AC’s – legislative responsibility??

CASA has been very slow, which forms the basis of most complaints by industry and the serious deficiencies that have been lodged by numerous people and clearly enunciated by the ASRR [Forsyth Report] and directly to the Minister.

Organisations such as the agricultural groups are particularly vocal on the CASA deficiencies – Phil Hurst is one.

The ASRR revealed serious structural deficiencies on just how CASA goes about it’s legislative responsibilities.

The FAA and ICAO audit in 2008 was very clear as to the issues CASA had then and these continue.



Finally, the CASA website has a full list of AC’s, to which they say:

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications – CAAPs

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPs) provide guidance and information in a designated subject area, or show a method acceptable to an authorised person or CASA for complying with a related Civil Aviation Regulation. CAAPs should always be read in conjunction with the referenced regulations.

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPs) are advisory only.

CAAPs provide recommendations and guidance to illustrate a method, or several methods, not necessarily being the only method by which legislative requirements may be met. They also provide a means of illustrating the meaning of certain requirements by offering interpretive and explanatory guidance.

The CAAPs relate to the Civil Aviation Regulations (1988) only. The new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR 1998) are supported by Advisory Circulars (ACs).



Number Subject Date
5.13-1(0) Private IFR rating
Appendix 1
September 2000
5.13-2(0) Night Visual Flight Rules Rating December 2006
5.14-1(0) Instrument Rating Renewals Using an Overseas Flight Simulator Training Provider December 2007
5.14-2(0) Flight Instructor Training (Aeroplane)Appendix A: Units of competency

Appendix B: Sample Program Of Instruction

Appendix C: Aeronautical Knowledge – Knowledge Assessment Tool

Appendix D: Principles and Methods of Instruction – Sample Course Notes and Knowledge Assessment Tool

Appendix E: Sample Long Briefing Template

Appendix F: Flight Component Training Elements

Appendix G: Trainee Progress – Management and Recording System

March 2012
5.23-1(1) Syllabus of training initial issue of a multi-engine aeroplane type endorsement [Rating]Applications for Initial Endorsement or ratings

  • Multi Engine Propeller <5700kg
  • Multi Engine Turbo Prop
  • Multi Engine Turbo Jet Aeroplanes

Appendix A: Generic Range of Variables and Multi-engine Aeroplane (Land) Flight Standard

Appendix B: Multi-Engine Aeroplane Ground and Flight Training Syllabus

Appendix C: Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Training

Appendix D: Multi-Engine Piston Aeroplane Endorsement
(Engineering, Data and Performance Questionnaire)

Appendix E: Multi-Engine Turbo-Prop Aeroplane Endorsement
(Engineering, Data and Performance Questionnaire)

Questionnaire – Single engine piston aeroplane

Questionnaire – Single engine turbine aeroplane

October 2010NB: This amendment was to correct the number of the CAAP, no content in the CAAP was amended
5.59-1(0) Teaching and Assessing Single Pilot Human Factors and Threat and Error Management October 2008
5.59a-1(0) Competency Based Training and Assessment in the Aviation Environment July 2009
5.81-1(1) Flight Crew Licencing Flight Reviews September 2010
5.216-1(0) Multi-crew Pilot Licence December 2008
48-1(0) Fatigue Management for Flight Crew Members April 2013
82-1(0) Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) July 2007
92-1(1) Guidelines for aeroplane landing area July 1992
92-2(2) Guidelines for the establishment and operation of onshore Helicopter Landing Sites February 2014
92-3(1) Guidelines for manned balloon launching and landing areas October 1996
92A-1(0) Guidelines on aerodromes intended for small aeroplanes conducting RPT operations October 2000
92-4(0) Guidelines for the development and operation of off-shore helicopter landing sites, including vessels January 2013
149-1(0) RAAO registered aircraft acceptable to CASA for the aerotowing of other aircraft October 2012
152-1(0) Parachuting through cloud: Evaluation of applications by parachuting operators and approvals by CASA. August 2002
155-1(0) Aerobatics January 2007
157-1(0) Balloon flight over populous areas January 2000
166-1(2) Operations in the vicinity of non- controlled aerodromes December 2013
166-2(1) Pilots’ responsibility for collision avoidance in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes using ‘see- and-avoid’ December 2013
174-1(1) Night Vision Goggles – Helicopters October 2007
178-1(2) Non-Precision Approaches October 2012
179A-1(1) Guidelines for Navigation using GNSS March 2006
181A-1(2) Reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) approvals August 2012
215-1(2) Guide to the preparation of operations manuals

August 2014
232A-1(0) Administration of Aircraft & Related Ground Support Network Security Programs March 2013
233-1(1) Electronic Flight Bags October 2013
234-1(1) Guidelines for aircraft fuel requirements November 2006
235-1(1) Standard passenger and baggage weights September 1990
235-2(2) Carriage and restraint of small children in aircraft January 2014
235-3(0) RPT operations in multiengine aeroplanes with MTOW not above 5700 kg – aeroplane weight and performance limitations August 2003
235-4(0) Guidelines for the Consideration and Design of: Engine Out SIE (EOSID) and Engine Out Missed Approach Procedures November 2006
235-5(0) New performance provisions for CAO 20.7.7B and CAO 20.7.4 May 2014
253-1(1) Ditching September 2010
253-2(0) Passenger Safety Information: Guidelines on content and standard of safety information to be provided to passengers by aircraft operators August 2004
B-RNAV-1 Approval of Australian operators and aircraft to operate under instrument flight conditions in European airspace designated for Basic Area Navigation April 1998
LVO-1(0) Approval to conduct low visibility operations July 2011
SMS-1(0) Safety Management Systems for Regular Public Transport Operations January 2009
SMS-2(0) Integration of Human Factors (HF) into Safety Management Systems (SMS) January 2009
SMS-3(1) Non-Technical Skills Training and Assessment for Regular Public Transport OperationsAppendix A: Developing a Non-Technical Skills Training Program: A Case Study Approach

Appendix B: Enhancing Performance in High Risk Environments – Recommendations for the use of Behavioural Markers

Appendix C: Example of a high capacity airline’s non-technical skills assessment

April 2011
SMS-4(0) Guidance on the establishment of a Flight Data Analysis Program (FDAP) – Safety Management Systems(SMS)


Number Subject Date
Publication: Competency Standards for Aerodrome Inspection and Reporting and Works safety June 2000
Publication Airport Emergency Planning in Australia June 2001
89O-1(2) Published aerodrome information and reporting changes November 2000
89W-1(0) Guidelines on provision of obstacle information for take-off flight planning purposes November 2000
92-1(1) Guidelines for aeroplane landing area (this is published an operational CAAP) July 1992
92-2(2) Guidelines for the establishment and operation of onshore Helicopter Landing Sites
(this is published an operational CAAP)
February 2014
92-3(1) Guidelines for manned balloon launching and landing areas (this is published an operational CAAP) October 1996
92A-1(0) Guidelines on aerodromes intended for small aeroplanes conducting RPT operations (this is published an operational CAAP) October 2000
92-4(0) Guidelines for the development and operation of off-shore helicopter landing sites, including vessels (this is published an operational CAAP)



Number Subject Date
Airways-2(0) Software and its use in Safety Critical Systems July 1999
Airways-3(2) Standards and practices for Certified Air/Ground Radio Services
Form 715 – Air/Ground Radio Operator Certificate Application
September 2001


Number Subject Date
ADMIN (1) Delegations and authorisations January 1992




Number Subject Date
30-3(0) Approved Maintenance Organisation – Limited category aircraft February 2002
30-4(1) Certificate of Approval – Maintenance Organisation March 2012
30-6(0) Certificate of Approval – Design Organisations December 2007
33-1(1) Aircraft manual welding: Approvals and qualifications July 2011
35-4(0) Design and Maintenance of Containers: Transportation of Live Aquatic Animals Using Oxygen January 1999
35-5(0) Design and Fitting of Oxygen Systems: non required gaseous oxygen equipment May 2000
35-7(0) Design approval of modifications and repairs February 2010
37-1(4) Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) November 2011
39-1(1) Maintenance requirements for Class A aircraft August 1997
41-1(0) Balloon maintenance 1 March 1992
41-2(0) Maintenance requirements for Class B aircraft 1 March 1992
42B-1(1) CASA Maintenance Schedule 17 May 2013
42L-1(0) Inspection of aircraft after abnormal flight loads, heavy landing or lightning strike May 2000
42L-4(0) Flight data recorder maintenance October 2002
42L-7(0) Cockpit voice recorder maintenance October 2002
(revised January 2006)
42L- 8(0) Underwater locator device maintenance October 2002
42M-1(0) Approved System of Maintenance for Class A Aircraft May 2006
42V-1(0) Magnetic particle inspection of engine components as per AD/ENG/4 March 2001
42W-1(3) Documents for the supply of aircraft components and materials July 2010
42W-2(6) Authorised Release Certificate March 2014
42ZC-1(2) Schedule 8 of CAR 1988 – the Pilot Maintenance Schedule – guidance for pilots and Part 66 licence holders February 2012
42ZC-2(0) Maintenance of amateur built aircraft January 2013
42ZV-1(0) Maintenance control manual 1 March 1992
43-1(1) Maintenance release August 1997
50A/B-1(0) Aircraft Log Books and Alternate to Aircraft Log Books September 2012
51-1(2) Defect reporting
Form 404 – Defect report
November 2012
51-2(1) Detecting and reporting suspected unapproved parts May 2010
54-1(2) Flight manuals for individual aircraft July 2000
104-1(0) Maintenance of Warbird, Historic and Replica Aircraft September 2013

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