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#casa fails to provide statistics

#casa has a dreadful record with FOI [Freedom of Information] requests and this continues with work that it chages a fee for the privilidge of the requester for a lengthy wait.Even with the statistics below, where #casa is attempting to mislead the industry in it’s alleged reporting standards, not one area has a reported “Average Processing Time” given to the #ozaviation community.

This is not acceptable.

In the case of #LHR [Lockhart River], documents took almost 9-years to be provided and it is likely that #casa still has important documents not available to the #LHR victims families.

The #FOI process certainly is not transperent, combined with the improper relationship of the previous #casa CEO with the ICC [Industry Complaints “Commissioner”].


Service Request Statistics

The Service Target is calculated on CASA working days. CASA strives to complete 75% of the below applications, within the Service Target timeframe. Assessment of your application will only commence when CASA has received your payment and supporting documents.

Please not that quality documentation can greatly assist the processing of your application.

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