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#casa fails to meet regulatory requirements of #ozaviation or the Australian Government

If you read the guidance document and the ten principles for Australian Government Policy Makers – #casa does not meet these at all.

#casa released it’s own 10-commandment set as well.

Question is, if that is the case, why has Minister Truss failed to stop the current situation and move #casa regulation forward to meet these principles.

None of the are hard to meet, but let us examine just Part 61.

Part 61, which is an 1800-page missive and has numerous mistakes, failings – whatever you would like to call them.

In a meeting in Cairns last week [29th October 2015], the presenter – Jason ?? had only been with #casa for a couple of months and certainly was keen to interact, but was unaware of how the industry viewed his employer.

That Part 61 was not accepted by industry and #ozaviation had serious reservations was lost on Jason. He said he had not been briefed to talk about proper fixes to part 61. The industry does not concede to #casa that Part 61 is okay at all, with there being very large objections made to the use of Part 61 in it’s current form. In a recent publication, CEO Skidmore demonstrates the depth of the problems. Even a recent AD released by #casa demonstrates this with impossible to meet directions.

How an 1800-page document set can be deemed to have no errors is quite astounding.

That #casa would attempt to use “exemptions” to overcome the obvious problems, together with there being, similar to the ADS-B debacle, no proper RIS [Regulatory Impact Statement].

The effect of micro-management goes forward again.

Introduction of the NZ-FAA regulations immediately would overcome a lot of the problems introduced by a poorly constructed rule set.

One must be reminded that over $250m was expended on the rule-set until 2010, then a further $89.9m until 2014 and another almost $100m 2014 to 2018.

What has the industry got from the money [which comes directly from avtur and avgas levies] now some $440m, not completed and collectively a poor apology for “regulations” – No improvement and an industry on the point of death.


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