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#casa fails to document AOC [Air Operator’s Certificates] available publicly

From www.righttoknow.org.au web site, the following reply was made.

It seems that there is no means supplied by #casa to track AOC changes or the information behind the AOC database.

This letter is from the #casa previous head of legal, Adam Anastasi.

Interesting to note that this person is now Manager Advisory and drafting Branch.

The request was:

Please supply all documents leading to the removal of AOC [Air Operator Certificate] details from the AOC database, leaving only the raw approval and to whom (sic) the AOC was issued.

In the past, AOC details included the aircraft types, training approvals etc. under the AOC

The following documents are being sought for the purposes of the Freedom of information Act.

All documents including but not limited to:
 Correspondence;
 File Notes;
 Meeting Notes;
 Internal Memo’s;
 Diary/ calendar entries;
 Telephone records;
 All data electronically collected, being by mobile phone, Dictaphone, tape recorder or mp3/4 recorder or other means
 E-mails;
 All database entries including entries into Sky Sentinel, TRIM and AIRS;
 Images;
 Individual FOI [Flight Operation Inspector], AWI comments and resulting documentation;
 All supervisory staff records relating to the matter;
 If referred to the CASA Board, all related Board minutes, discussions and recommendations made to advise CASA as to direction for the Board in relation to this request.

Yours faithfully,



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