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CASA crows about Social media

The following from the current casa September missive crows about how it is using social media.I am sorry, but this is “..them telling us….”, not co-operating with an important industry in the basic infrastructure of Australia.

This is “..we know best..”

A series of current issues tell us that that simply is not the case.

For you to whom social media is a two way process, read this [If you are a PPRuNe user, remember casa “FOLLOWS” Nil, zero, zip, 0 – You tell me.


September 2013
From the Director of Aviation Safety
John McCormick
While CASA was not an early adopter of social media I am pleased to see many people are now obtaining safety and other information from us via You Tube and PPRuNe. When I checked recently CASA’s videos on You Tube had attracted nearly 21,500 views in total. On PPRuNe we now have more than 2000 followers, with that number growing steadily all the time. While this newsletter does not fall under the category of social media, it has more than 13,000 subscribers, and when each new issue of Flight Safety Australia is uploaded an email alert goes more than 60,000 subscribers. CASA also has 20 email services that send information on specific topics to tens of thousands of people.

These cover aircraft registration, regulatory development, flying training, airworthiness and much more. This all adds up to a lot of people getting a lot of information on a regular basis about aviation safety and safety regulation. On PPRuNe we are posting tweets on most workings days covering a diverse range of subjects from the most recent airworthiness bulletins to the latest job vacancies. CASA’s You Tube channel features 44 videos, with the library expanding as new productions come on line. The operations at non-towered aerodromes video has so far been viewed more than 1500 times and heads the list as the most popular. Other popular videos with more than 1000 views are the powerful 178 seconds to live, passenger briefing and situational awareness.

The strategy behind CASA’s various social media and other communication tools is to offer people in the aviation industry and the travelling public a range of timely options to get the information they need. Flight Safety Australia provides in-depth coverage and analysis every two months of key safety issues, aimed primarily at people working and operating in aviation. It is essential reading for everyone who needs to understand and continue to learn about aviation safety. This newsletter – the CASA Briefing – gives a snapshot every month of what is happening in safety and safety regulation. Emails give you information on specific topics and issues of direct interest. PPRuNe is our daily feed for people who want their information quickly and succinctly, with links back to the CASA web site for the details. And completing the information package is YouTube – providing the visual messages to make understanding important safety issues that much easier.

I urge everyone to think about how they want to get their information from CASA, making sure you choose the tools that suit you. Subscribe to Flight Safety Australia, the CASA Briefing or email services, follow us on PPRuNe and watch us on YouTube. If you would like to see CASA using other social media or communication tools please tell us by sending feedback through this newsletter, tweeting or using the Director’s feedback form on our web site. I thank everyone for their interest in news and information from CASA.

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