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CASA compliance with ICAO Why are they not compliant?

The issues of variance with icao here are broad and largely involve non-compliance and the fall out from that issue. ICAO compliance [over 2600 issues] has been avoided by casa largely saying: “We are looking into these matters”

ICAO/ FAA Audit 2008

ATSB Non Compliance by ICAO/FAA

ICAO – Final_CASA_AUS_En ICAO_ATSB_ NCN US authorities prepared to downgrade Australia’s air safety rating_ cable _ The Australian


1. Why is casa not in compliance with icao?

2. How does casa intend to become compliant with ICAO ?

3. How does casa intend to comply with ICAO?

4. What is the timeframe for compliance?

5. In terms of it’s written answer to ICAO: Has casa met any of the time-lines committed to in it’s reply to ICAO?

6. What action is casa taking to ensure that the enquiry by the FAA is met? And What is the time-frame?

7. What is the compliance with Annex 6, Part 2, operational SARPS on international flights?

8. Are the standards and recommended practices (SARPS) of Annex 6, Part 2 – Operation of Aircraft, International General Aviation – Aeroplanes., being met by casa?

9. What action does casa intend to make to meet these requirements and what is the time frame?

10. How does casa reconcile the differences with the ATSB?

Is this the way forward??, when CASA lodges “differences” with ICAO for these.

I believe the above must be answered in the ASRR review.

US-FAR’s please

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