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CASA, complaints and the ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] Are there any answers??

In May 2013, there was a meeting in Brisbane, which canvassed a number of issues with CASA.

The meeting was attended by McCormick, Alleck, Hampton and a number of other CASA staff.

The following YouTube video covers some of the material

Senator McDonald, who attended made the following comments in the Senate:

Senator IAN MACDONALD: Mr McCormick told the meeting there were no complaints. That was what they were complaining about; that he was denying that there were any complaints about his officers.

My colleague Warren Entsch does not do anything else but complain.

In fact, he has publicly named some of your officers as you know. The complaints about interpretations, about the New Zealand issue, about the USA versus Europe and about the 145 transition, people begging you to extend the transition period for what seemed to me to be very good reasons, but I hardly knew what they were talking about.

I really think, Mr Chairman, it is probably unfair of me to raise this, but there were so many people at the meeting and subsequently who have complained that I said I would raise it. I do have some questions. This may well be better dealt with by perhaps a separate committee hearing at some time in the future to test the complaints.

The Senators were to have a meeting and the aviation community would expect an answer to this matter.

I have trawled the CASA site and the Senate site and cannot find any answers as to what was the result and how CASA is dealing with the issues, except for them [as the complainants said] for them to be buried or completely ignored.

This is really the issue raised at the meeting, when the following was reported from the senate [May 2013] estimates as follows:

Senator IAN MACDONALD: You told the meeting, Mr McCormick, that you had not had any complaints. Someone got up and said it to you to your face and gave you an instance.

Mr McCormick: This is from the meeting. I will defer to my Industry Complaints Commissioner.

Ms Hampton: There were a number of complainants who had made previous complaints to me that were present at that meeting and there were three new complaints that were given to me as a result of that meeting.

The experience, despite McCormick’s assurances to the Senate, are again proved false. This is perhaps similar to the PelAir matter, when there were a series of issues involving CASA that that were also proved false.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the disappearance of  Ms Hampton is that she failed to agree with McCormick!!

Of course, the appearance of one of the legal Sections people to replace Hampton [Gretchen Bennett] should be seriously questioned.

Lions, tigers and mice springs to mind!!

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