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#casa calls for assistance to do it’s work

The latest by #casa is to call for assistance from the #aviation industry to assist it in the “Regulatory reform Process”. Good in principle, but in fact it is about time the Minister took notice in this to stop the nonsense.

A history of direction of this process is seen in a recent article calling into doubt the present situation.

Of course, since 2010, when the Minister at the time succumbed to a request for more money by #casa. The money being supported by previous Departmental head MrDak.

The flow of money continues into 2017 as a levy, now not accounted for and placed in general revenue by #casa averaging some $27million/ year.

There is now some $190m supposedly directed at regulatory reform from an avgas and avtur levy alone, since July 2010.

Stan Van de Weil says in an open letter:

The CASA article copied below is to my mind an admission of a lack of competence on the part of CASA experts.

The ASAP is one level, now a further level of industry experience is called for.

Admirable if not for the fact that the so called staff experts receive annual benefits of several hundred thousand dollars (each) for their so called expertise. I suppose this is further established in that their achievements in the almost thirty years since 1988, in complying with the Minister’s orders to “rewrite” the regulations has been almost completed.

That’s if you regard approx. 50% as a good effort! Then in the same article (below) this appears! “the planned reform of the flying operations regulations and a post implementation review of aircraft maintenance engineer licensing”, these have been a work in progress for this extended period of time and still/again need “reform”?

Call for expressions of interest for CASA Technical Working Group register

Dear CASA subscriber

Following the successful establishment of the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP), CASA is now in the process of establishing a register of aviation industry experts who are able to participate in Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to support the work of the ASAP.

Where established, TWGs will provide industry members and relevant technical experts with a forum to provide input on specific technical issues and proposals being considered by the ASAP. Each TWG will be formed as required and disbanded at the completion of the assigned tasks. Specific details about TWGs can be found in the ASAP Terms of Reference.

To build a register of suitably qualified potential TWG members, we have launched an expression of interest process using the CASA Consultation Hub, where interested people will be able to register their details using a survey style questionnaire. CASA is looking for diversity in skills, experience and qualifications from interested applicants.

With several significant developments on CASA’s immediate horizon, including the planned reform of the flying operations regulations and a post implementation review of aircraft maintenance engineer licensing, establishing a register of suitable and available experts is a priority.

If you are a member of Australia’s aviation industry with a genuine interest in the future of aviation safety, then please go to the CASA Consultation Hub where you can register your interest.

All questions or inquiries about the EOI process can be directed to asap@casa.gov.au


On another matter:

In 2007 Mr. S. Carmody advised the then Minister’s (Hon. Marc Vaile) that [my] long outstanding matters (cover-up of CASA involvement in Fuel Contamination and subsequent orchestrated failure (by CASA) of Schutt Aviation at YMMB) had been RESOLVED.

Carmody was at the time working as Deputy to Bruce Byron. As no detail or slightest evidence of The RESOLUTIION was available under F.O.I, the matter was further verified by subsequent regular requests to new Ministers, namely Albanese and Truss, which further established this.

These requests were made through my then local Member Mark Dreyfus.  It would attest that Carmody’s statement (Email provided under FOI) was a blatant untruth. Strangely, I was never even consulted in establishing any form of resolution!

For those of you still believers in Australian Democracy, open your eyes, we are a definite Bureaucracy run by overpaid unelected “crooks” overseen by incompetent politicians (with some exceptions).

For those who haven’t yet read it get a copy of “Game of Mates” (EBook and hardcopy). No challenge on its content as they don’t want to wake up the public.

If it concerned football or cricket we’d be all up in arms.

No “she’ll be right mate”.

Regards   Stan van de Wiel.

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