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#casa bungles #ozaviation, loses Skidmore

The last few years have been culminated in two #casa ceo’s over a 20-month period, being removed. The real reasons are known by the larger #aviation community, but are under  the non-d-plume of “personal reasons”.

Let us look at some of the rubbish surrounding these two individuals.

  • McCormick came from the “Sky God’s” as Chief Pilot Boeing at Cathay Pacific
  • Skidmore as Air Vice Marshall (ret.) and the RAAF

“Honour Roll” in brief:

  • Poor/ impossible relationships with #aviation;
  • No useful KPI’s;
  • Does not engage with “rank-and-file” aviators;
  • Refuses to listen and fix problems;
  • Allowed to be stopped in actions by internal #casa negative forces;
  • Failed to acknowledge #casa statistics [#AOPA];
  • Refused to release #colmarbrunton survey without a FOI request;
  • Did not meet personal aim’s and objectives for job as CEO

Pilot Community

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