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CASA Board – Truss announcement on increase numbers

The following was made by Mr. Truss on Thursday 6th March 2014, when putting legislation forward to increase the CASA Board by 2 members. It will be interesting to see if there is any improvement of contact with the industry as required under the Boards terms and conditions of operation:

At least two of the board members will be required to have technical and/or operational aviation experience to strengthen the board’s aviation knowledge, skills and practical experience. The expanded board will be well-placed to oversee CASA’s new strategic direction—which the government will issue, as allowed for under Section 12A of the Civil Aviation Act, after the government has considered the review panel’s final report.

Establishing a firm strategic direction for the organisation will enhance CASA’s capability to respond as Australia’s aviation safety regulator. Through the introduction of a new strategic direction, the government plans to reinforce safety as CASA’s primary responsibility, but will also set out the leadership role of the board in implementing the strategic direction of CASA.

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