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CASA Board and stated activities – Did they occur

The following is from the CASA 2012-2013 annual report, which indicates that the CEO makes routine visits to “…to operators and certificate holders, particularly in regional Australia…  ”

I certainly never have heard of one actually occurring – maybe at the big end of town.

GA is still waiting.

From 2012-2103 statement by the Chair, Dr. Hawkes:

CASA’s Board has regularly and actively engaged with key industry participants at their board and executive management level to remain up to date with industry issues and to provide the opportunity for direct feedback. In addition, the Director continues his demanding program of visits to operators and certificate holders, particularly in regional Australia.

This level of direct engagement has been recognised by the industry as beneficial to their interests, and has resulted in an overall high level of satisfaction with CASA’s direction and leadership.

and from the previous year the Board spells these out as:

2011-2012 statement by Chair

Looking to the future, the Minister has approved CASA’s Corporate Plan for 2012–15. It retains the three central goals from the 2011–14 plan that the Board expects to be a focus of the many safety-related challenges facing both the industry and CASA as the industry’s safety regulator.

The goals are:

 comprehensive, consistent and effective regulation to enhance aviation safety;

 good governance and

 continuous improvement of organisational efficiency; and

 effective and appropriate relationships with the wider aviation community.

While these goals sound simple, the strategies that underpin them are ambitious and will require innovation and strong teamwork to achieve.

Not well achieved are they!!

The current inquiry [ASRR – Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] asks some serious questions of the Board.

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