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#casa annual report 2016

The change of the #casa CEO from Skidmore to Carmody, who was the Deputy Director of the department, reporting to MrDak.


Carmody at #casa replacing Skidmore

This is a major show of strength by MrDak in the struggle to keep a lid on the #aviation industry and show that there is “…nothing wrong….”.


Mike MrDak




In the Senate estimates on October 14th 2016, Mrdak used substantial time, resulting in the #atsb section not proceeding and the #casa section cut short. This is a scurrilous waste of the senators time and shows the contempt for the parliamentary process.


In fact the Annual report was transmitted to the Minister on 16th September 2016, with plenty of time for a detailed questioning to occur by the Senate. The readers can decide on looking at the selected data below why the Annual report was slowed down by the Minister’s office and the Department.

We should not forget what the #aviation community think about #casa:


The current release of the 2015 – 2016 Annual report by #casa last  Thursday, with no fanfare has a lot of data that requires careful scrutiny, with some of that data presented below.

Of interest in particular is what #casa tell the unknowing public about “progress on the #ASRR of David Forsyth. [ASRR excised from the 2016 Annual report]

This follows the 2014-2015 Annual report, which also has serious deficiencies in it’s compilation as well.

Just look at the 2013 Annual report


Reduction of new registrations of 50% in four years


12% fall in ATO’s


AOC’s wobbly on over 10% fall in changes


Colmar Brunton survey says at best 48% are OK with #aviation stakeholders – FAIL


Just culture does not exist on Skidmore’s watch just ask Jack Pantovic and what was done to him


This is not meeting the Australian Public Service MLO’s


Almost $6m failure to meet budget. Another Skidmore fail. McCormick also responsible for $10m over budget


500% drop in Engineer examinations – Bad for the future


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