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CASA and the RFS – Where/ what about the operations?

Senator Bill Heffernan has asked some very serious questions about the operations of the RFS [Rural Fire Service] in it’s activities and about the way CASA interfaces. In the light of the PelAir incident, and the subsequent inquiry, one must ask some serious questions about he operation of the “fire bombing”.

What is the safety case made out by RFS to CASA and what is the acceptance by CASA of this and subsequently, how is it actually being implemented??

The use and abuse of the Dromaders is an interesting adjuct to this argument. further, there is a lot of information on these aircraft, but it is hidden from sight.

The following video bears listening too and you can form your own conclusions.

Some starter points to think about in the way this operates and the number of avoidable deaths is:

  • Wing loading;
  • Turbulence;
  • Operational requirement;
  • RFS requirements;
  • Local flying dangers;
  • Extra stresses on aircraft;
  • Operational experience of pilots and more.



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