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CASA and the Coroners Courts – The Goulburn Sting

The published findings for the Guthrie and Smith accident at Goulburn carries very specific direction to CASA, which I have only recently acquired.

The Coroners report is: 200703348 D2009/3272 is in part below, with further directions to CASA. There have been no notes on the CASA web site regarding this accident, although an incident at Towrang gliding field was followed up in RAPAC.

Magistrate Mary Jerram, NSW State Coroner, 4 February 2009

I make the following recommendations, the Minister for Transport, with copies to RA-AUS and to CASA, and ask for advice from each within six months as to their implementation.

1. That RA Aus be funded through CASA sufficiently to ensure annual inspection of Pilot and Aircraft Log Book Records, and to supervise regular servicing and maintenance of all recreational aircraft with two Levels required for maintenance, Level 1 being confined to low level maintenance by owners, and an annual, or 100 hours, whichever is the earlier, Level 2 service and inspection by suitably qualified independent mechanics. Further, that the current ‘Policy and Accreditation of Persons Suitable to Conduct Maintenance
on Recreational Aircraft’ be reviewed by RA Aus with a view to restricting the type of work that may be carried out at Level 1.

2. That RA Aus have power to ensure that Condition Reports are correctly prepared and presented by an independent LAME prior to any sale of any aircraft.

3. That RA Aus establish a public register (including the records) of all recreational aviation aircraft (ultralight) importations and sales in Australia, and accept the obligation to ensure appropriate registration based on a certificate of airworthiness.

4. That RA Aus have the power to impose sanctions including fines and loss of licence for non-adherence to its requirements.

Question is:  Has CASA replied to the Coroner??

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