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CASA and the Board – Improper legal process?? Interference with democratic process??

The use of improper legal process seems to be in play here in a post on pprune today [14th March 2014].

That a member of the aviation community should be prevented from raising very serious matters directly and in person with the board of a Government Corporation should be deplored.

The Directors are Dr. Allan Hawkes, with members Ms Helen Gillies and ex-officio McCormick.

The interference with proper democratic process cannot be accepted by any citizen or elector of Australia.

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Contact to the CASA Board

This e-mail just arrived on my desk from an unknown source.Apparently the person has been seeking a meeting with the CASA Board.I post the details and now ask – Is this a serious breach of democratic process??Inbox > Message Detail
Subject: RE: [FWD: RE: CASA Board ] [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]From:“ANASTASI, ADAM” <ADAM.ANASTASI@casa.gov.au>(Add as Preferred Sender) Date:Fri, Mar 14, 2014 3:25 pmTo:UNCLASSIFIEDIt has come to my attention that you have been attempting to contact CASA Board member Helen Gillies.On behalf of the Board, I request that you do not contact Board members by telephone or email. I advise individual board members will not be responding to any direct approaches from you.

I have communicated to you below the means of communication the Board is prepared to accept from you and request that you abide by that.

Adam Anastasi
General Counsel
and Executive Manager
Legal Services Division
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Ph 02 6217 1040
Fax 02 6217 1607


On Mar 4, 2014 1:47 PM, “ANASTASI, ADAM” <ADAM.ANASTASI@casa.gov.au> wrote:

I have liaised with the Chair of the CASA Board. In the event you wish to provide a complaint to him, then he will only receive it in writing and by mail. If you mark any envelope “private and confidential” or “to be opened by addressee only” it will not be opened before receipt by the Chair.

In the event this is not acceptable to you, but your complaint involves allegations of criminal conduct, you may care to direct such complaint to the Australian Federal Police. Alternatively, if the matters relate to maladministration, you may care to direct such a complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Adam Anastasi
General Counsel
and Executive Manager
Legal Services Division
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Ph 02 6217 1040
Fax 02 6217 1607

AND the request was, direct to both Helen Gillies and Allan Hawkes:

Sent: Saturday, 15 February 2014 1:32 PM
Subject: Letter for Helen Gillies

Dear Helen,

I wish to provide some information to the CASA Board and am concerned that it could be diverted by either Mr. McCormick or your secretariat, as it is of a highly confidential nature, if directed through normal channels.

If these issues were to fall into the wrong hands, I am concerned that records could be destroyed or “lost”.

I would like to be able to address the Board on a series of matters, which, in part involve the use of known criminals to prosecute a pilot and of false statements made by CASA employees to attempt to prosecute an owner.

I can provide support documents, but that needs to be on the above basis, of no involvement by CASA itself and that the Board independently deals with the matters raised.

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